The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global call for social justice related to race, caste, class, gender, and religion has created an imperative for Global Fund for Children to stand in solidarity with young people across the globe who are leading efforts to build a more equitable and just post-pandemic world.

The pandemic has deepened inequalities around the world and strained the resources of local groups on the frontlines providing vital support to low-income children and youth. In March 2020, GFC launched an Emergency Response Fund to issue immediate cash grants to local organizations serving young people.

We believe that transformation is the key to post-crisis growth and sustainability. The world needs new solutions to address existing problems, and young people should be drivers and decision-makers in this change. The Spark Fund supports youth leaders and grassroots organizations leading the charge against injustice and inequality, providing flexible funds that allow them to take risks, innovate, experiment, collaborate, and learn.

This initiative aids local groups and the youth they serve during and after the pandemic by:

  • Supporting transformation for change, investing in and launching innovations developed by youth leaders to disrupt social inequities and change traditional power structures.
  • Sustaining civil society, providing flexible, multi-year funding to ensure child-centered and youth-led civil society groups can maintain their operations.
  • Including youth in key decisions through a participatory grantmaking process in which power is shifted into the hands of those most closely involved in the issues. This is a unique, participatory fund for global youth-led social change.
  • Strengthening networks for advocacy, movement building, and learning by uniting local organizations and creating opportunities for them to share best practices, increasing their capacity to influence long-term systemic change.

GFC provides these local organizations with tailored capacity development services, network building opportunities, and coaching and mentorship to support their growth and effectiveness.

We stand in solidarity with the youth who are leading the disruption of injustice and inequality. We are currently seeking funders for the Spark Fund. If you would like to support this initiative, please contact Christine Burkhart. You can find more information about the Spark Fund here.

Header photo: Participants engage in an Ashanti Perú workshop. © Estrella Vivanco-Stevenson / Ashanti Perú

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