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The ability of charitable organizations to prevent abuse and exploitation across their operations has been the subject of intense media and political scrutiny. In 2018, the UK government’s International Development Committee warned that the failure to prioritize safeguarding, which resulted in the chronic underfunding of this area by funding agencies, was one of the main obstacles to improving efforts to keep people safe.

The Funder Safeguarding Collaborative (FSC) was created in response to these concerns. The FSC was founded by Oak Foundation, Comic Relief, Porticus, The National Lottery Community Fund, and Global Fund for Children, who came together with a shared commitment to creating a safer world. The FSC does not see itself as a standard setting body, but rather as a catalyst for change.



To promote collaboration, listening, and learning among funders and organizations to support and strengthen safeguarding practices globally.



Safety: We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe. We take action to ensure that our institutions and the organizations we fund protect people from harm.

Listening: We value the expertise of others and welcome the contributions that diverse voices bring to the conversation.

Learning: We acknowledge what we don’t know, value the knowledge that others bring, and commit to continually learning, adapting, and then learning some more.

Practicing trust: We cultivate relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We create spaces where it is safe to ask questions, learn from mistakes, and challenge the status quo.

Shifting power: We actively promote a more equitable system that values and supports the power and knowledge within the organizations we fund and the communities they serve.





The FSC connects members to a wealth of knowledge and expertise:

  • Peer-to-peer learning through webinars and discussion forums to share practice experiences.
  • A resource library containing research, guidance, policies, and frameworks tailored to funders.
  • Alignment Action Groups dedicated to finding new ways to align funder approaches and reduce duplication.

Network members have access to all connection opportunities free of charge upon joining.

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The FSC offers a range of flexible support tailored to the specific needs of funders.

  • The Ask Any Time Advice Line providing immediate advice on any aspect of safeguarding.
  • A community of practice for safeguarding leads to explore the practical challenges of promoting safeguarding.
  • Bespoke capacity building support covering everything from policy development to safeguarding in your grantmaking cycle.
  • A modular training program covering all aspects of safeguarding.

Support is fee-based and is only available to network members.

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The FSC provides opportunities for members to invest in evidence-informed initiatives to improve global practices.

Our initial investment priority is:

  • Fostering local approaches to keeping people safe by distributing small grants to civil society partners who are advancing good practice grounded in local realities.

The pilot will take place in Uganda. The FSC aims to extend the grants to organizations based in other countries in the future.

Future investments will be informed by member interests and evidence of what works.

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The FSC believes that all funders can make a valuable contribution to keeping people safe. We also believe that our efforts will be more effective if we listen to the organizations we fund and the communities they serve. To encourage greater communication and collaboration, the FSC has two distinct membership categories.


Network Members

Membership is open to:

  • Charitable trusts and foundations, including private, corporate, public, and community foundations
  • Intermediary funders who dedicate at least 50% of their budget to grantmaking or providing support to the organizations they fund
  • Funder networks that wish to promote and support safeguarding as part of their work

All members must share the FSC values and commit to contributing to and promoting efforts to keep people safe.

We aim to remove the barriers that may deter funders from engaging with safeguarding:

  • We do not charge any membership fees.
  • New members do not have to have safeguarding protocols in place. Joining the FSC ensures access to support to develop protocols.
  • We recognize the importance of context-specific solutions, and we help members access regionally specific forums and expertise.


Knowledge Partners

The effectiveness and credibility of the FSC are strengthened by drawing on the knowledge and expertise that exist within the organizations we fund and the communities they serve.

Rather than working in isolation, the FSC will develop knowledge partnerships with NGOs, researchers, government agencies, and others with expertise across a diverse range of thematic and geographical areas. We will make proactive efforts to ensure the participation and contributions of individuals with lived experience, as well as representatives from the communities served by the programs funded by FSC members.

Knowledge Partners will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in dialogue with FSC members through webinars, discussion forums, and Alignment Action Groups
  • Act as critical friends and help shape the FSC by contributing to the design of FSC strategies and services
  • Inform FSC members of any services, training, research, or other support they offer through member updates


Joining is simple!

  1. Simply send an expression of interest to:
    [email protected]
  2. We will arrange a time to meet you and to discuss joining the FSC.
  3. Review and sign our memorandum of understanding.


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Header photo: GFC Regional Capacity Development Specialist Amé Atsu David leads an activity with grassroots organizations in Liberia and Sierra Leone that are working to end violence against girls.

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