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FSC is a unique network for philanthropic funders where you can share, learn, and access support from experts and peers alike. We believe funders have a unique potential to make organisations safer through their grant-making. We walk alongside funders on their safeguarding journey, helping them to implement practices that make their organisation and the organisations they fund, safer.


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“FSC’s training, support and consultancy have been excellent and invaluable. They have helped us grow in confidence and to develop/implement our safeguarding policy and grant-making practices. It is a huge comfort to know that there is someone knowledgeable at the end of a call or email.”

– FSC member

“When I say something about safeguarding now, I know that it isn’t just my opinion – I have the backup of the collaborative. That’s so important.”

– FSC member


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Member benefits

Membership with FSC enables funders to access information, knowledge, spaces and support services grounded in research and evidence generated through the collaborative. Our members have access to:


Resource Library Technical Support & Training
To help funders achieve a positive social impact, FSC is building a robust evidence base to improve funder practices. Members have access to a curated online library of safeguarding resources, including essential guides, and defined good practice in the form of podcasts, written briefings, and presentations. We provide support that is tailored to your organisation but builds on FSC’s growing base of knowledge from working with funders across the sector. We aim to help you embed a safeguarding culture based on a deep understanding of your organisational and geographical context.
Online Community Peer learning circles
Our network is hosted on a closed platform that enables connecting and sharing and we have worked to ensure it is a place of trust and safety where you can find support from others who are in a similar position in their safeguarding journey. A safe space for Safeguarding Leads in funder organisations to share learning and explore the practical challenges of championing keeping people safe within their own organisations and in the organisations they fund.
Webinars and online learning FSC events
Learn about different aspects of keeping people safe in a way that is specifically designed to address the needs of grant-making organisations. Find a safe space to meet with peer-funders to discuss safeguarding and better understand the impact of your approaches to keeping people safe within the organisations that you fund.


“Guides and instructions are important, but sharing real examples, lived and learned safeguarding experience and stories are so much more powerful”

– FSC member

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Learn more about FSC

Our team

FSC is powered by a group of safeguarding professionals based across several continents, allowing us to meet the needs of our members in different locations and contexts.

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Our impact

FSC envisions a world where safety and wellbeing is at the heart of every organisation. We are guided by our four-year strategic plan which seeks to transform the role of funders in keeping people safe.

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our safeguarding commitments

We are committed to promoting a culture of safety and embedding practices that keep people safe from harm. So, we have developed a detailed set of commitments, which you can find below.

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Knowledge generation

There is a lack of safeguarding knowledge and best practice guidance for grant-making organisations specifically. Over the coming years, we will be building a more robust evidence base for safeguarding in grant-making organisations globally.

Below you can find examples of resources that our team have produced. Full access to the entire resource library is available to members in our CONNECT and SUPPORT tiers only.

Safeguarding & Participatory Grant-making: An Essential Guide for Funders

This guide is designed to help funders embed safeguarding in participatory grant-making. It includes guidance on how to consider safeguarding in the planning, delivery, and review of participatory grant-making processes.


This research examines the challenges, positive practices, and opportunities for collaboration between funders on safeguarding.


This framework was written in partnership with ACF and is designed to help funders consider their own internal practices and integrate safeguarding within their funding cycle by posing questions that prompt discussion.

Safeguarding in Practice: ‘What Works’ to Support Non-Governmental Organisations in Tanzania to Respond to Child Abuse

This research was conducted by Dr Karen Walker-Simpson, one of FSC’s directors, during her doctorate. The findings include important implications for the way policy makers, donors and international NGOs approach safeguarding with NGOs in Tanzania, and across the region of East Africa.



“Using the FSC Framework allowed us to] play back to our senior team and… helped us get a budget.”

– FSC member


What our members say about us


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