Global Fund for Children would like to acknowledge the following for providing images appearing on our website:

Photographer: Rose Khouri

Grassroots Partner: Tahaddi

Location: Beirut, Lebanon


Photographer: Thierry Magniez

Grassroots Partner: Tahaddi

Location: Beirut, Lebanon


Photographer: Petar Markovic

Grassroots Partner: NGO Danica

Location: Jabuka, Serbia


Photographer: Kimlong Meng

Grassroots Partner: Khemara

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Photographer: Giovanni Okot

Grassroots Partner: Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment – West Nile

Location: Arua, West Nile, Uganda


Photographer: Kevin Ouma

Grassroots Partners: Akili Dada and Little Rock ECD Centre

Location: Nairobi, Kenya


Photographer: Estrella Vivanco-Stevenson

Grassroots Partners: Ashanti Peru and Un Millón de Niños Lectores

Location: Lima, Peru

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