Global Fund for Children invests in community-based organizations around the world to help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their rights.

We are the only global nonprofit dedicated to finding, funding, and coaching truly local organizations that empower young people worldwide.

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From child trafficking to girls’ education, we tackle complex challenges with solutions that are essential to the wellbeing of the children and communities we serve.

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We have invested over $63 million in bold ideas, helping more than 1,000 community-based organizations deepen their work to advance children's rights.

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As we step into our 30th year hear from our President and CEO, John Hecklinger, about all things GFC. John shares how GFC’s work has evolved over the years with the focus on young people as both our present and our future, and how GFC will continue to support grassroots organizations dedicated to tackling challenges in their communities.

Celebrating 30 Years of GFC

Where We Work

Local Partners

Resilient. Bold. Dedicated. Led by innovative local leaders, our partner organizations provide life-changing programs that directly impact the children and youth in their communities.


From Bangladesh to Kyrgyzstan to South Africa, we go the extra mile to find developing programs that will thrive with our support.

Meet Our Partners

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Early childhood partners in Honduras embrace opportunities for meaningful child participation.

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Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine has had devastating impacts on children’s access to education. Many schools were unable to reopen for in-person classes this fall,…

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GFC partner Colectiva MAPAS offers a feminist school, camps, and workshops to girls from P'urhépecha Indigenous farmworker communities, providing safe spaces for them to build…

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Global Fund for Children (GFC) UK Trust, created in 2006, is a UK registered charity (UK charity number 1119544). We work to generate vital income, create new fundraising opportunities, and raise awareness of the invaluable work of GFC’s grassroots grantees. Our aim is to extend the reach of GFC in the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

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