Global Fund for Children is committed to supporting children, youth, and communities in times of crisis. To help children and youth affected by natural disasters, armed conflict, public health emergencies, and other catastrophes, we provide a variety of assistance to our community-based partners.

Loss of stability and safety; education delayed or out of reach; homes and communities destroyed; lack of basic necessities like food, water, shelter, and clothing – no matter what form emergencies take, they can have a devastating impact on children and youth.

Thanks to our established relationships with community-based partners on the ground, GFC is able to act quickly to support our partners and the children they serve. When disaster strikes, our team contacts community-based partners and asks a simple question: “How can we help?” We speed emergency funds to our partners, and we give them the flexibility to use the funds in whatever ways they believe are most impactful. We trust our partners to determine what needs doing and how to do it.

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We offer immediate, flexible financial assistance so our partners can respond quickly to children’s urgent needs and modify their activities as the situation evolves. We also offer nonfinancial support such as peer networking and funding referrals.

As crisis situations evolve – as conflict escalates or wanes, as natural disasters move into the recovery stage, as pandemic responses shift – our nimble partners adapt, changing course to support children and youth with the services and supplies best suited to the moment. Whether the emergency is long or short, we stand with our partners and help to ensure they have the resources they need.


“[When the COVID-19 pandemic struck] we thought of who would understand us and respond quickly: Global Fund for Children immediately came to mind. I think we had the additional funds within two to three days.” – Marco Antonio Ramirez, President of GFC partner Ashanti Perú


Header photo: A participant in one of GFC partner Fundación La Merced’s programs. Fundación La Merced aims to eradicate child labor in Santo Domingo Oeste, Dominican Republic, by providing integrated support services to child laborers and their families and by guaranteeing that their rights are respected. © Ernesto Rios and Fundación La Merced

Our emergency support to partners facing crises

Türkiye Earthquakes (2023)

Following the massive earthquakes that struck Türkiye and Syria in February 2023, GFC sent an emergency grant to our partner Mavi Kalem to support its work distributing clothing, food, diapers, baby formula, and hygiene supplies to women and children in the disaster areas in Türkiye.

Pakistan Floods (2022)

In the aftermath of the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2022, GFC supported partners on the ground with emergency funds so they could quickly distribute meals, provide shelter, and launch medical response operations to counter flood-related illnesses.

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis (2022)

Also in 2022, an economic crisis and record-high levels of inflation in Sri Lanka meant children and families were going to bed hungry. Our grassroots partners were able to provide food ration packs and other assistance to affected families with emergency grants from GFC.

Ukraine War (2022)

Four days after the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, GFC sent its first emergency grant to a grassroots partner organization. Since then, GFC has disbursed funding to dozens of community-based partners in Ukraine and neighboring countries. With GFC emergency grants, our partners have been able to provide food, shelter, medicine, evacuation assistance, and other lifesaving support to children and families under attack in Ukraine, to families on the move, and to refugees in host countries.

Afghanistan Political Upheaval (2021)

After the collapse of the Afghan government in August 2021, the situation quickly worsened for Afghan children. Girls were once again denied access to secondary education, opportunities for women and girls were drastically curtailed, and food became scarce. In addition to distributing food and clothing and running community health clinics, our longtime partner Afghan Institute of Learning found innovative ways to continue providing education to girls. Outside the country, our partners Asylum and Refuge Center and Asylum Protection Center, both in Serbia, offer comprehensive support – including legal services and mental health assistance – to Afghan migrants and refugees, many of whom are unaccompanied minors.

Haiti Earthquakes (2021)

In Haiti, with the support of emergency grants from GFC, GFC partner Organisation Haïtienne pour le Développement Durable offered families direct humanitarian relief after a major earthquake and tropical storm hit within days of each other in August 2021.

COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

The global COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated vulnerabilities for children and youth worldwide, presenting constantly evolving challenges for children and their communities. At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, grassroots partners around the world paused their regular programs and used GFC emergency grants to distribute hygiene kits, food, and updated information about the virus to children and families. As the pandemic dragged on, our partners identified new ways to deliver their programming and shifted their work to focus on supporting young people affected by pandemic-related economic hardship, school closures, and unsafe home situations.

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