Jiuqian Volunteer Center
China | Shanghai

Jiuqian Volunteer Center provides children of migrant workers with an educational environment that enables them to prepare for a productive future.

Teen’s Key
China | Hong Kong

Teen’s Key is a women-led organization that empowers young women involved in or vulnerable to involvement in the sex industry through outreach, counseling and support, a mentorship program, reproductive health education, and gender awareness training.

Fokus Muda
Indonesia | Jakarta

Fokus Muda is a youth-led organization that increases access to healthcare for Indonesian adolescents living with or affected by HIV and directs HIV programming and health education by training outreach workers and promoting HIV prevention and treatment on digital platforms, through vouchers for free testing and care, and during face-to-face sessions with key populations, including drug users, sex workers, transgendered people, and men who have sex with men.

Yayasan Mitra ImaDei
Indonesia | Jakarta

Yayasan Mitra ImaDei works for gender justice and advances the human rights of marginalized groups, especially women, through advocacy, gender sensitivity trainings, organization of adult domestic workers, and advocacy for and direct services to adolescent girls engaged in domestic work.

Yayasan Sahabat Kapas
Indonesia | Central Java

Working with children and youth in correctional facilities in and around Surakarta and with child and youth ex-offenders, Sahabat Kapas offers psychosocial support, self-development activities such as photography and filmmaking, vocational training, reintegration assistance, and legal services.


Children’s Ger
Mongolia | Ulaanbaatar

Children’s Ger provides financial support and nonformal education to poor and disabled children and their families in the Bayankhoshuu ger district, an unplanned, semi-urban area of Ulaanbaatar made up of traditional portable felt dwellings.

Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Women
Mongolia | Ulaanbaatar

Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Women (FERW) runs livelihood development, literacy, health, and violence prevention programs aimed at nomadic women and their families in the remote western provinces of Mongolia.


Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center
Thailand | Pattaya

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) protects child victims of human trafficking by providing medical, legal, and psychosocial services; formal and informal education; return and reintegration assistance; food and clothing; and a safe space at its shelter, while undertaking awareness-raising campaigns and holding workshops to educate teachers, hotel staff, taxi service providers, and government officials about the risks of trafficking.

Baan Nana (Childlife)
Thailand | Mae Sai

Baan Nana runs a shelter for undocumented and stateless children on the border between Thailand and Burma.

Center for Girls
Thailand | Amphur Pan

The Center for Girls promotes awareness of children’s rights through trainings for teachers and schoolchildren and conducts daily support groups and life skills trainings for children.

Child Rights Protection Centre
Thailand | Chiang Rai

Child Rights Protection Center (CRPC) assists vulnerable and exploited children in the Thailand-Burma-Laos border area through emergency support, a residential shelter for girls, school scholarships, vocational and life skills trainings for youth, capacity-building for local women leaders, and awareness-raising campaigns focusing on issues such as human trafficking, child labor, and domestic violence.

Friends Without Borders Foundation
Thailand | Chiang Mai

Friends Without Borders Foundation (FWB) provides training in alternative media production and human rights education to promote and protect the rights of refugees and migrants along the Thailand-Burma border.

Thai Child Development Foundation
Thailand | Chumphon Province

Thai Child Development Foundation provides quality education to children with disabilities at its own education center, while also working with local schools, parents, and village leaders in Thailand’s Chumphon Province to ensure that children with disabilities have access to education, life-skills trainings, and healthcare.

Zy Movement Foundation
Thailand | Chiang Mai

Zy Movement Foundation works with schools, universities, hospitals, parents and government stakeholders to ensure that children with disabilities have access to inclusive education, to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to children with physical disabilities, and to change the social mindset about the abilities of their children.

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