Love letter from Mother Earth to GFC partners

By Esther Aoko | April 21, 2023 | Africa & The Middle East, Asia, Europe & Eurasia, The Americas | Youth Empowerment

To celebrate Earth Day, Communications & Media Intern Esther Aoko imagines what Mother Earth might say to GFC partners working with children and youth to protect the planet.

On this Earth Day—when people around the world turn their focus to me, Mother Earth—I want to shine a spotlight back on you and the amazing work you are doing in the face of climate change. Every day, as I encounter multiple harms and dangers, you are working with children and youth to preserve and protect me, developing innovative ways of countering these challenges.

Young people hold my future in their hands, but they cannot save me alone. I want to give a special shout-out to GFC community-based partners working with children and youth to care for the planet: Escuela Bilingüe Intercultural Comunitaria in Guatemala, Faith Foundation in India, Colectivo Kokopelli Tlalli and Colectivo Tajpianij in Mexico, Sindh Green Foundation in Pakistan, Escuela Resiliente and Ollas Sostenibles in Peru, Thai Child Development Foundation in Thailand, and Creative Hands in Zambia. These are just some of the partners that are accompanying young people around the world as they tackle climate change, environmental degradation, and environmental injustice.

From creating centers where children and youth can learn about sustainability, to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, to advancing environmental conservation, to planting trees and preserving green places in your communities, you are doing your part to ensure a new generation has the tools and commitment to protect me. These are especially commendable efforts as young people have the power to not only preserve me but also mobilize other people in their communities to do the same.


GFC partner TCDF's Forest School Academy in Thailand's Chumphon Province. © TCDF

You have my gratitude for everything you are doing to ensure that children, youth, and future generations live and thrive in the best version of me. Thank you.

Mother Earth

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