Meet our new partners in Thailand!

By Blondie Ndebele | February 7, 2023 | Asia | Education, Youth Empowerment

We’re excited to welcome six new partners to our global network of changemakers.

Global Fund for Children is supporting a network of seven community-based organizations in Thailand that work directly with children and youth and that are interested in championing youth leadership. In addition to welcoming six new partners, GFC is pleased that our current partner Urban Light Foundation has also joined the initiative.

The three-year Fostering Youth Leadership in Thailand initiative empowers local organizations to create sustainable change and fosters youth involvement in governance, programming, and elevating youth voices in local communities and organizations.

Children warming up before a game

A soccer training session that also enables children to develop life skills. © PlayOnside

Through this initiative, local partners will receive capacity development that empowers them to foster youth leadership and that supports innovation in methodology, participation, and programming. The initiative will also help partners to connect with one another, share their knowledge and resources, and develop collective impacts in Thailand.

Meet our new Thailand partners:

Thailand | Fang

Ethnic Peoples Development Foundation (EPDF) works with undocumented and stateless ethnic communities, children, and youth to ensure their rights and to ensure that they have legal status. The organization improves the quality of life of children and youth and protects their rights by helping them get access to education, healthcare, and protection services.

Thailand | Chiang Rai and Nan

The Freedom Story prevents child trafficking and exploitation through culturally relevant programs for children in vulnerable circumstances. The organization promotes ethical storytelling and provides quality education and scholarships to children as well as vocational skills training to help families start small businesses in their community.

Girls walking together in Thailand

Girls walking together in Thailand. © The Freedom Story
Thailand | Chiang Mai

GabFai Community Theatre uses play and art to empower communities and children, as well as to raise awareness about and advocate for policy changes on social issues such as human trafficking, positive discipline, and bullying. The organization puts on plays about social issues in local communities.

Thailand | Bangkok

Using music, Klong Toey Dee Jung Program empowers children and youth in Khlong Toei, a large, low-income neighborhood in Bangkok. The organization also teaches relevant life and vocational skills that youth can use to provide income for themselves and their families as well as to continue their education.

Young people learning to cook in order to develop occupational skills. © Kon Wai Sai
Thailand | Chiang Mai

Kon Wai Sai provides sexual and reproductive health information to preteens and teenagers and empowers student leaders in schools to break the stigma around sex education. The organization also supports teenage parents by providing vocational skills and nutrition workshops so they are able to take care of their children.

Thailand | Mae Sot

PlayOnside works along the Thailand-Myanmar border with migrant, stateless, and refugee children who are displaced from Myanmar. The organization uses sports to promote social inclusion and gender equality, and it also works with nonformal schools in Mae Sot to improve the emotional resilience of children and to create a safe and friendly environment for them.

Header photo: Promoting girls’ confidence and self-esteem through their participation in male-dominated sports. © PlayOnside

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