Global Fund for Children supports local organizations that are helping kids who have experienced pandemic-related education disruptions access and thrive in learning environments that prepare them for future success.

The Partnership to Educate All Kids (PEAK) initiative is supported by the LEGO Foundation. Use the menus below to learn more about our PEAK emergency grant recipients by region and by country.

The Americas
Europe & Eurasia


Burundi | GhanaKenyaMauritiusNigeriaSenegal | Uganda | Zambia

Initiative pour la Promotion de la Santé Rurale et le Développement Intégré au Burundi
Burundi | Bujumbura

Initiative pour la Promotion de la Santé Rurale et le Développement Intégré au Burundi (IPSDI) promotes access to education through after-school learning activities for children in a post-conflict environment, especially girls and internally displaced children and youth, including children with disabilities, children living with HIV, and survivors of sexual violence.

Center for Development Initiatives
Ghana | Accra

Working in both urban slums and rural areas, Center for Development Initiatives (CDI) provides access to education, leadership training, empowerment programs, and health services to migrant, out-of-school girls who are survivors of gender-based violence or human trafficking.

Oasis Mathare
Kenya | Nairobi

Through its youth center, located in Nairobi’s Mathare slums, Oasis Mathare provides a safe, social, and educational space for children of all ages to play, work on their homework, and access computers and the internet, while also offering an economic empowerment program for older youth, particularly young mothers.

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Youth Safety Awareness Initiative
Kenya | Nairobi

Dedicated to reducing rates of incarceration and recidivism among Nairobi’s youth, YSAI works directly in prisons to develop young people’s leadership and livelihood skills, while also working with children and youth in the heart of communities – especially in slums, where the incidence of crime is high – to promote community safety and steer them away from crime.

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Halley Movement
Mauritius | Port Louis

Halley Movement is a coalition of charitable organizations working for the welfare of children and families in Mauritius and in the Southern African region.

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Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection
Nigeria | Lagos

Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE) moves survivors of gender-based violence and sexual abuse, as well as other girls in rural communities and urban slums, to safer environments and offers them psychosocial and learning support.

Child and Youth Protection Foundation
Nigeria | Abuja

Child and Youth Protection Foundation (CYPF) empowers girls who are trafficking survivors through formal education, psychosocial support, and mentoring.

Senegal | Saint Louis

Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE) advances the rights and education of adolescent girls – especially those who live on the streets or are at high risk for human trafficking, modern-day slavery, sexual violence, or abuse – by providing them with a safe space and psychosocial support, helping to reunite them with their families, and helping them to go to school.

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Hope and Peace for Humanity
Uganda | Gulu

Hope and Peace for Humanity works with schools, local entrepreneurs, and traditional authorities to support conflict-affected children, especially girls, children with disabilities, and orphans. Some of these young people survived forced labor perpetrated by the Lord’s Resistance Army or sexual abuse.

Chimwemwe Organisation for the Promotion of Early Childhood Rights, Education and Development
Zambia | Chipata

Chimwemwe Organisation for the Promotion of Early Childhood Rights, Education and Development (COPECRED) provides comprehensive early childhood development care for preschool-aged children and offers entrepreneurship guidance to families affected by HIV/AIDS.


The Americas

Ecuador | Honduras | Nicaragua | Panama | United States

Ecuador | Guayaquil

Asociación Comunitaria Hilarte provides educational and rehabilitation services for children and young people in Guayaquil, using art and play as its primary tools.

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Fundación UBECI
Ecuador | Quito

Fundación UBECI empowers at-risk children in Quito’s local markets and prepares them to enroll in school by engaging them in mobile classrooms set up in large tents in the markets.

Un Mundo
Honduras | La Ceiba

Un Mundo is a community development organization that promotes dignity, community, and self-sufficiency of people living in the protected watershed of the Cangrejal river through access to sustainable education, health, and livelihoods services.


GFC has one partner in Nicaragua who received an emergency grant through the PEAK initiative. For security reasons, GFC is naming its partner organizations in Nicaragua only when they have asked to be publicly identified.

Fundación Espacio Creativo
Panama | Panama City

Fundación Espacio Creativo (FEC) transforms young lives in Panama through dance and education. FEC uses contemporary dance as a tool for personal and social transformation for children and adolescents from low-income communities.

United States
United States | Washington, DC

Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso (FAN) provides youth in foster care with a safe and stable after-school environment to ensure that they have the educational and social support necessary to escape the cycle of poverty.



Lebanon | Pakistan | Thailand

Lebanon | Beirut

Tahaddi provides children and women in Hay al-Gharbeh, a shantytown in Beirut, with access to quality education and health services.

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The Citizens Foundation
Pakistan | Karachi

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) provides education for underprivileged children in Pakistan. The organization embed its purpose-built schools in urban slums and rural communities to increase access to quality education.

Pakistan | Islamabad

GRACE Association promotes quality early childhood, primary, and secondary education and works to ensure an accessible, safe, and inclusive educational environment for all children, especially girls and children with disabilities.

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Thai Child Development Foundation
Thailand | Chumphon Province

Thai Child Development Foundation provides quality education to children with disabilities at its own education center, while also working with local schools, parents, and village leaders in Thailand’s Chumphon Province to ensure that children with disabilities have access to education, life skills trainings, and healthcare.

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Zy Movement Foundation
Thailand | Bangkok

Zy Movement Foundation works with schools, universities, hospitals, parents and government stakeholders to ensure that children with disabilities have access to inclusive education, to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to children with physical disabilities, and to change the social mindset about the abilities of their children.

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Europe & Eurasia

Kyrgyzstan | Moldova | North Macedonia | Romania | Serbia | TajikistanUnited Kingdom

Kyrgyzstan | Balykchy

Children of Tien-Shan provides a variety of crisis services to children and youth who are at risk of neglect and abuse in Balykchy. Children of Tien-Shan also offers an emergency shelter and helps place children with safe foster families, offering them better care and support than they might receive in orphanages and government-run boarding schools.

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Hand in Hand
Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek

Hand in Hand provides treatment, therapy, and educational lessons for children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

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National Federation of Female Communities of Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek

The National Federation of Female Communities of Kyrgyzstan (NFFCK) is a girls-led organization working throughout Kyrgyzstan to empower girls and decrease child marriage and violence against girls through public awareness programs, girls’ leadership and health programs, community outreach, and national advocacy.

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Kyrgyzstan | Karakol

Ravenstvo provides educational and physical rehabilitation, home visits, consultations, income-generating activities, and access to employment for children and youth with disabilities.

Ulybka Public Foundation
Kyrgyzstan | Osh

Ulybka Public Foundation focuses on promoting leadership, tolerance, and entrepreneurship among children and youth in southern Kyrgyzstan, including orphans and children living on the streets.

institute for Rural initiatives
Moldova | Chisinau

The Institute for Rural Initiatives (formerly Ograda Noastra NGO) promotes socio-economic initiatives in rural communities in Moldova, with a focus on disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

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Youth Media Center
Moldova | Chisinau

Youth Media Center (YMC) holds media training workshops in journalism, video production, blogging, and radio for children and youth, including children and youth with disabilities and children from Roma and other marginalized communities.

North Macedonia
North Macedonia | Skopje

Legis advocates for human rights and provides humanitarian, legal, and medical assistance to migrants and asylum seekers, with a focus on registering and protecting unaccompanied minors. The organization – which involves young volunteers and migrants in its decision-making – offers psychosocial support to migrants in detention centers and deploys mobile assistance teams to provide support for migrants across the country.

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Romania | Sibiu

Asociatia pentru Libertatea si Egalitatea de Gen (ALEG) promotes gender equality and fights gender-based violence and discrimination in Romania.

Serbia | Belgrade

Incest Trauma Center serves as a counseling center that provides psychological support to child and adult survivors of sexual assault, and as a training center that educates professionals who work to protect women and children from domestic abuse. The organization also advocates for survivors of sexual abuse by raising public awareness and connecting communities with policymakers.

Know How Center
Serbia | Novi Sad

The Know How Center (KHC) supports Roma children and children and youth from other marginalized groups by holding workshops that encourage parents to send their children to preschool, engaging in outreach to help families access social services, providing education support, and running a youth program focused on improving the psychosocial health of teenagers.

Tajikistan | Dushanbe

Iroda provides access to quality services appropriate for the unique needs of children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD); trains professionals and parents on working with children with ASD; facilitates a parent support group; and helps children with ASD enroll in formal school.

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Young Generation of Tajikistan
Tajikistan | Dushanbe

Young Generation of Tajikistan is a youth-led organization based in Dushanbe that works to increase the participation of young people in social development and poverty reduction efforts.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom | London

With an emphasis on serving youth involved in or at risk of criminal behavior, Juvenis helps young people in South London to turn their lives around and re-engage with employment, education, or training. Its specialized programs include mentorship for youth in police custody, therapy and life skills training for survivors of domestic violence, an expressive safe space for girls and young women, and individualized support for disenfranchised youth entering the job market.

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Violence Intervention Project
United Kingdom | London

The Violence Intervention Project (VIP) supports young people who have been involved in or are at risk of violent behavior. Through one-on-one outreach and group sessions, as well as school workshops, sports activities, and camps, VIP helps youth to open up about their experiences, develop positive relationships, and end the cycle of violence in their communities.


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