Global Fund for Children grants $1 million to help Ukrainian children

April 27, 2022 | Press Releases

Global Fund for Children has approved $1 million in emergency grants to support local organizations that are providing humanitarian aid and critical services to children and families affected by the war in Ukraine.

April 27, 2022 – WASHINGTON, DC, and LONDON – Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Global Fund for Children (GFC) has approved 43 emergency grants totaling $1 million to support 36 community-based organizations in Ukraine, Italy, Moldova, and Romania that are helping children and families under attack and refugees fleeing the country.

Working under difficult conditions, these GFC partner organizations are doing everything they can to keep children and youth safe, warm, and fed. Within Ukraine, GFC has supported 28 community-based organizations providing food, shelter, medical supplies, transportation, and other necessities; evacuating children with disabilities; offering trauma support; and assisting LGBTQ+ youth facing discrimination as they seek safety. In Italy, Moldova, and Romania, GFC has supported eight organizations welcoming Ukrainian refugees and helping them access accommodations, transportation, and other services.

“The war in Ukraine has forced millions of children from their homes, and they will need long-term support to continue their education, cope with psychological trauma, and adapt to new environments,” said GFC President and CEO John Hecklinger. “Global Fund for Children will continue to issue emergency grants quickly and steadily as organizational needs develop to ensure local organizations have the resources they need to support children and youth over the short-term and for months and years to come.”

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of GFC’s partner organizations in the country either supported orphans or children with disabilities or engaged young people in the arts. When the war started, however, they pivoted to providing acutely needed humanitarian aid, and GFC quickly established an Emergency Response Fund to support their work.

GFC’s emergency grants are made possible by the generosity of individual and institutional donors who have contributed to the Emergency Response Fund. Learn more about GFC’s response to the war in Ukraine at:


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Global Fund for Children partners to build a world where all children and youth enjoy equal resources and opportunities in society and live free from violence, discrimination, and exploitation. To that end, GFC invests in innovative local organizations, helping them deepen their impact and develop their capacity for social change. Together, GFC and its partners advance the rights of children and youth facing poverty and injustice and equip them with the tools and skills to reach their full potential. Since 1997, GFC has invested $51 million in more than 900 organizations, reaching more than 11 million children and youth worldwide.

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