February 20, 2024 | GFC & Partner Updates, Press Releases
The U múukil xchu ́upalo ́ob (Niñas Valientes/Brave Girls) Initiative is dedicated to providing Indigenous adolescent girls in southern Mexico with meaningful opportunities to enhance their skills and overcome gender-based and sociocultural obstacles that hinder their progress, specifically in education.
February 6, 2024 | Press Releases
Desde hace tiempo, el Fondo Global para la Niñez (GFC – por sus siglas en inglés) viene apoyando a las comunidades y organizaciones dedicadas a promover los derechos de la niñez y la juventud; y junto con sus socios de base han venido amplificando el creciente llamado a la filantropía en favor del financiamiento flexible a través de la campaña #FlexibleFundingWorks (#LosFondosFlexiblesFuncionan), que conforma el proyecto Funding for Real Change (Financiamiento para un Cambio Real) dirigido por Ariadne y la Alianza de Financiadores EDGE
February 6, 2024 | Press Releases
Global Fund for Children (GFC), a longstanding champion of supporting communities and organizations dedicated to the rights of children and youth, and its community-based partners are amplifying the growing calls in philanthropy for flexible funding through the #FlexibleFundingWorks campaign, part of the Funding for Real Change project led by Ariadne and EDGE Funders Alliance.
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November 16, 2023 | Press Releases
Co-op Foundation, Co-op, and #iwillFund are today launching a radical £4.5m fund to put young people right at the heart of change. The fund will be delivered by Global Fund for Children and Restless Development.
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November 13, 2023 | GFC & Partner Updates, Press Releases
This new Spark Fund partnership is a youth-led participatory grantmaking initiative focused on the mental health and wellbeing of Black boys and young men.
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September 19, 2023 | GFC & Partner Updates, Press Releases
Global Fund for Children is showcasing its work on youth-led climate action and healthy masculinities at the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 Meeting.
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Global Fund for Children recognizes organizations that are prioritizing the wellbeing of children in dangerous circumstances, including trafficked children and child refugees.
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The Healthy Masculinities programme will focus on rural communities and organisations operating outside major cities, prioritising trauma-informed approaches to masculinities and funding preventative work.

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