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On February 24, 2018, Juliette Gimon, a longtime supporter and former Board Chair of Global Fund for Children, passed away. Her legacy endures through a new fund dedicated to outstanding grassroots leaders.

Juliette joined the Board when she was just 30 years old. Her wisdom, insights, and profound concern for children helped shape Global Fund for Children, changing hundreds of thousands of young lives across the globe.

Maya Ajmera, Global Fund for Children’s Founder and former President, wrote, “Juliette lived for others – not in the clichéd sense of that phrase but in the true essence of selfless love.” Read the rest of Maya’s tribute to Juliette here.

To honor Juliette’s brave and passionate spirit, we established the Juliette Gimon Fund for Courageous Leadership, a more than $1 million endowment made possible through support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and other donors.

Annual awards from the fund – the Juliette Gimon Courage Awards – recognize innovative grassroots organizations anywhere in the world that are positively impacting children in especially challenging economic, cultural, political, or environmental contexts.

Some recipients will have overcome considerable obstacles to pioneer an innovation that transforms circumstances for children and youth. Others will demonstrate the courage of resilience, thriving amid unusual contextual challenges; still others will have leaders who have navigated personal hardship and channeled adversity into their organization’s cause.

We are profoundly grateful to Juliette for her years of leadership and dedication, and to the many generous donors who contributed to this tribute to her legacy.


Ways to Contribute to the Gimon Fund

Below are several options for contributing to the fund. If you have questions, please contact Palmer Shepherd at [email protected]. On behalf of Global Fund for Children, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the courageous leaders who fight for children’s rights globally, we express our deepest gratitude.

Make an online gift

Make a one-time or recurring donation via our designated donation form.

Send a check

Please designate “Gimon Fund” in the notes and send to:
Global Fund for Children
1411 K St NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20005

Give by Wire Transfer

To wire your funds, please contact Palmer Shepherd at [email protected].

Make a Gift of Stock

Stock gifts can be transferred directly to our broker. Please notify us of the transfer to ensure proper crediting of the donation: contact Palmer Shepherd at [email protected].

Stocks may be transferred directly to:

Wells Fargo Advisors
DTC Number: 0141
Account Name: Global Fund for Children
Account Number: 83587458

GFC’s Account Representative:
Wells Fargo Advisors
Direct 1-800-642-0847


as of November 1, 2018

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Ruthie Abel
Susan Adamsen
Maya Ajmera & David H. Hollander Jr.
Sarah Bardin
Leia Berla
Susan & Ron Briggs
Ugo Catterina
Rudi Chiarito
Michelle Curb
Marianne & Alessandro d’Ansembourg
Toni Danilevsky
Richard DeMartino
Peggy Dulany & Friends at Synergos
Victoria Dunning
Flora Family Foundation
The Ford Foundation
Glen Galaich
Lara Galinsky
Eleanor H. Gimon
Wendy Gleason
Grace Church School
Susan Carter Harrington &
Thomas Harrington
The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
Karla Harwich
John Hecklinger
Esther & Walter Hewlett
Laurie & David Hodgson
Kristen Honer
Jane Johnston
Penelope Johnston
Molida Khuon
Dena & Josh Kimball
Stephanie & Charles Knowles
Romy Silver Kohn
Larry Kramer Family Fund
Legacy Venture
Richard G. Lubman
Theresa V. Lubman
Christopher Lunding
Claire Molloy
Sophie Panchal
Karen Phillips
Sandra M. Pinnavaia & Guy Moszkowski
Joan R. Platt
Jeremy Robbins
Markham Roberts
Abbe Rosenbaum
Patricia Rosenfield
Melissa & Roy J. Salamé
The Salvatore LaSpada–
Ronald D’Amico Fund
Catherine & Rony Shimony
Celine Soudant
Devon Spurgeon
Ramji Srinivasan
Tom Steinbach
Margaret & Robert Stillman
Alexandra Stonehill
David Stonehill
Judith Stonehill
Mia Ting
Nadia Todres
Stephanie & Stephen Trevor
Helene Tucker
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Anne Wilbur
Brian Wilbur
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
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Dr. Harvey V. Fineberg
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