Find out what we look for when selecting new partners.

At Global Fund for Children, we invite you to join our growing grassroots network if you have shown great potential to improve the lives of children and youth who face poverty, injustice, and discrimination. As we embrace learning and collaboration, we hope you will serve as a model and resource for other community-based partners dedicated to the same big goals.


Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

We look for future partners that meet these criteria:

•  Know your community and live or work in the areas you serve

•  Aim to improve the lives of children and youth

•  Embrace discovery, learning, and getting better at what you do

•  Appreciate that you can’t make change alone and see yourself as part of a larger system

•  Address any of our thematic areas of education, freedom from violence and exploitation, gender equity, or youth empowerment

•  Have local nonprofit or charitable status and can accept international funds or have a fiscal sponsor that can

•  Protect children and youth with a safeguarding policy or agree to implement one

Since we can only fund a small number of courageous groups around the world, we are especially interested in organizations with these characteristics:

•  Your vision for change might affect all young people in your area, but you focus on children and youth who are excluded because of their race, gender, gender identity, social class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, where they live, or other factors

•  Young people have founded or lead your organization or have important roles in it

•  You are eager to measure the outcomes and impact of your work and excited to get better at it; you have already seen positive change from the work you do

•  You look at old problems in new ways, take smart risks, and are creative and flexible to respond to change

•  You understand the power of connections with many types of actors to make change and seek to grow your network

•  You believe young people can influence decisions affecting their lives and should raise their voices and claim their rights

•  You understand that advocacy is a powerful tool to change mindsets, norms, and policies and know what it means for you

We are not able to support:

•  Local offices, affiliates, or projects of international organizations

•  Efforts to support or oppose candidates for public office

•  Evangelism or proselytizing, or programs that require adherence to or conversion to religious doctrine

•  Organizations that, in policy or in practice, discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation

•  Groups that conduct or support violent activities or violate criminal law

Global Fund for Children (GFC) UK Trust, created in 2006, is a UK registered charity (UK charity number 1119544). We work to generate vital income, create new fundraising opportunities, and raise awareness of the invaluable work of GFC’s grassroots grantees. Our aim is to extend the reach of GFC in the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

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