At FSC, we passionately believe in the important contribution funders make to keeping people safe. In just three years since our launch in 2021, we have been joined by over 80 funders who share our commitment to a safer world.


Our achievements so far are just the beginning. Our ambitious four-year Strategic Plan sets out our roadmap for transforming the way funders approach safeguarding and lays the foundation for achieving safer grant-making and higher impact through:

  • Focusing attention on the role of funders in safeguarding, and dedicating time and resources to understanding how they can promote and support safe organisational cultures and practices.
  • Championing the importance of funders in keeping people safe, leveraging the knowledge of those who are already making changes and engaging those who are still unsure about what actions they need to take.
  • Walking alongside funders as they progress on their safeguarding journey, helping them to implement changes and address any challenges that may arise.


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FSC - theory of change


Strategic Goals

Three strategic goals steer our work, turning our vision and mission into action. Each goal has specific objectives and activities. A monitoring and evaluation framework will support us to document:


Knowledge Generation

Strengthen the evidence base for safeguarding in grant-making organisations.


Increase awareness, understanding and commitment to safeguarding among grant-making organisations and the organisations they fund.


Increase action to improve safeguarding practice within grant-making organisations and the organisations they fund.


Knowledge Generation

Although there is extensive guidance on safeguarding for frontline organisations, very little is tailored to grant-making organisations. Without a clear evidence base and agreement around what works, funder approaches may be inconsistent, lack impact or result in unintended harm. To help funders achieve a positive social impact, FSC will help build a robust evidence base to improve funder practices.


Many funders have a limited understanding of safeguarding and the positive role they can play in keeping people safe. Even where awareness exists, progress can be hindered by a lack of understanding and commitment at a leadership level. To help change this, FSC will create spaces for dialogue, reflection and learning among funders and will act as an advocate for the positive role of funders within the sector more broadly.


There is limited access to specialist safeguarding expertise for many organisations. This can hinder progress and may result in safeguarding measures which are ineffective or potentially harmful. FSC will provide specialist technical support to funders to help them implement policies and practices that are effective at keeping people safe and will work with others to ensure access to high-quality safeguarding support for grantee partners.


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