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Freedom from Violence & Exploitation
Local Partners
We currently partner with 45 local organizations in 22 countries that strive to give children freedom from exploitation and violence by providing rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration services, including counseling and legal assistance; ensuring children’s rights to education and healthcare; conducting prevention, training, and advocacy activities; and addressing the unique needs of survivors and at-risk children, including girls, refugees, child laborers, and trafficked children.

All children deserve to grow up free from danger and harm – yet millions are threatened by war, trafficking, violence, and abuse. For survivors and children at risk, we work to bring safety and dignity to their lives.

Children and youth who live outside of mainstream society – and who are therefore most at risk of violence and exploitation – are often overlooked. Physical, psychological, and sexual abuse happen behind closed doors; poverty and inequality make children more vulnerable to sex and labor trafficking; war and community violence uproot children and youth from their homes and families. Their physical and psychosocial wellbeing is threatened.

Global Fund for Children is dedicated to ending violence and exploitation for children and to helping young survivors rebuild their lives.

Our grassroots partners provide protection and holistic care to trafficked children, migrants and refugees, child laborers, and survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. They work to secure children’s legal identities – a critical step toward ensuring children’s safety and access to social services. They prevent future abuses by educating the public, training service providers, and combating harmful cultural norms and practices. And by pushing for better laws and policies to protect children and youth, they contribute to a growing movement that will not accept anything less than safety and security for every child.

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