Grassroots Review May 2021
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Current Issue

May 2021 – Courageous work, migrant rights & new learning

Previous Issues


April 2021 – Celebrating the courage of community-based organizations
March 2021 – Courage, growth, and collaboration
February 2021 – Fostering hope from the UK to Liberia
January 2021 – “We all deserve a chance”


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August 2020 – Youth leadership, racial justice & gender equity
July 2020 – Empowering youth from Kyrgyzstan to West Africa
June 2020 – We all have the right to live without fear
May 2020 – Fighting injustice, seeking hope & building trust
April 2020 – Community courage in the face of global crises
March 2020 – Global changes, community responses
February 2020 – Heartbreak, hope & partnership
January 2020 – Leadership, teamwork & big plans


December 2019 – Best of 2019 & puppy love
November 2019 – Driven by hope, generosity & connection
October 2019 – Small NGOs, big changes for children
September 2019 – Advancing children’s rights from Mexico to Mumbai
August 2019 – Young readers, leaders & mountain climbers
July 2019 – Making change happen
June 2019 – Young moms, martial artists & local leaders
May 2019 – Engaging teens from Cambridge to Chiang Khong
April 2019 – Courage, commitment, and community
March 2019 – A leader’s legacy, a boxer’s resilience & youth determination
February 2019 – Gender-equity and youth-driven action
January 2019 – “I found my voice” [new video]


December 2018 – Happy Holidays, 5 things to inspire you in 2019
November 2018 – An incredible year [Report], John’s insights on change
October 2018 – Thida’s dream, impact report, meet Alex
September 2018 – Our video, disaster relief & more
August 2018 – A back to school hero
July 2018 – Field update on migration, brave girls, and more
June 2018 – Behind the scenes in child rights

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