Global Fund for Children supports a network of ten community-based organizations across England that are engaging young people in exploring gender justice, understanding the role of masculinities in their lives, and creating positive social change.

This initiative is a partnership between The National Lottery Community Fund and GFC.

Our partners in this initiative are creating spaces for boys and young men to develop emotional literacy, strengthen intimacy and connection in their relationships, break down gender stereotypes, and embrace more equitable attitudes and behaviors. They are also promoting the role of children and youth as political and social change agents within their families and communities.

This initiative engages local organizations in advancing gender justice using approaches based on respect, equity, and human rights by:

  • Creating safe spaces for boys and young men to open up new conversations, reflect together on healthy emotional development and relationships, and engage with others in their communities.
  • Putting youth in the lead to design program activities and implement their own vision for change across England.
  • Strengthening networks for advocacy and learning by uniting local organizations working with boys and young men, creating opportunities to tackle shared issues together from diverse perspectives, and working together toward positive social change.

GFC is providing these local organizations with flexible funding and capacity development services to support their growth and effectiveness.


Project Partners:

Bradford, UK

Breaking the Silence (BTS) supports a particularly underserved population of West Yorkshire: Black-African, Afro-Caribbean, and South Asian boys and young men who are affected by, or are survivors of, sexual abuse, many of whom are reluctant to seek help because of structural racism and patriarchal cultural structures. BTS conducts extensive community outreach to find its clients, supports them through interventions to keep them safe, and then offers individual and group counseling to meet each survivor’s unique needs.

London, UK

Future Men supports boys and young men along the path to becoming dynamic adults, while addressing stereotypes around masculinity and engaging in the wider conversation of what it means to be a man. It offers a development program for school-age boys, a youth engagement program, and a fatherhood program for current and expectant dads, with a focus on developing positive and caring family relationships.

Sheffield, UK

The only organization of its kind in Sheffield, England, Haven provides specialist support services for children and young people affected by domestic abuse. Its flagship program focuses on strengthening the bond between children and their safe parent/caregiver after they have left an abusive relationship. Haven also offers crisis intervention, group support and preventative programs, and training for professionals working with children and youth.

London, UK

With an emphasis on serving youth involved in or at risk of criminal behavior, Juvenis helps young people in South London to turn their lives around and re-engage with employment, education, or training. Its specialized programs include mentorship for youth in police custody, therapy and life skills training for survivors of domestic violence, an expressive safe space for girls and young women, and individualized support for disenfranchised youth entering the job market.

Clacton-On-Sea, UK

Lads Need Dads supports boys missing a father figure in their lives with professional and peer mentoring, outdoor activities, life skills training, leadership development, and volunteering opportunities. Through these activities, boys develop positive relationships with other boys and men while strengthening their self-confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

Leeds, UK

Mermaids supports trans and gender-diverse children and youth, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care, through secure online communities, helpline services, legal support, and events. Its programs equip young people and their families to navigate education and health services and cope with emotional distress, while also improving the awareness and practices of teachers, doctors, social workers, and other professionals.

Manchester, UK

Survivors Manchester supports male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, empowering them to make positive life choices and begin their unique healing journey. As a survivor-led organization, its programs include online support and apps, a hotline, individualized therapy, group support, drop-in support, and assistance with police reporting and legal advice.

Violence Intervention Project
London, UK

The Violence Intervention Project (VIP) supports young people who have been involved in or are at risk of violent behavior. Through one-on-one outreach and group sessions, as well as school workshops, sports activities, and camps, VIP helps youth to open up about their experiences, develop positive relationships, and end the cycle of violence in their communities.

Warren Youth Project
Hull, UK

The Warren Youth Project is a free community resource center for young people in Hull, England, where youth can access a range of services to support their wellbeing, employability, education, and creativity. Its programs – which are guided by young people – include counseling, a food bank and cafeteria, youth employment services, social-justice campaigning, emergency support, arts projects, complementary therapies, and a recording label and studio.

London, UK

YOH is a locally led community group focused on supporting marginalized children and young people in and around Central and East London and parts of Essex. Using an award-winning approach, YOH engages young people that have slipped through the net of existing service provision and supports their transition to self-empowerment and positive outcomes. Its support ranges from providing essential supplies to employment access.


Header photo: © The Warren Youth Project

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