Empowering teachers in rural villages in Kayunga District, Uganda

By Global Fund for Children | May 1, 2024 | Africa & The Middle East | Education

This guest blog post was written by GFC partner BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda.

Working together, PEAK initiative partners are equipping Ugandan school teachers with play-based pedagogical techniques to engage young students in learning.

In the rural villages of Kayunga District, Uganda, providing quality education comes with large challenges. Limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and a scarcity of well-trained teachers have hindered the educational journey for many children.

However, amid these obstacles, a ray of hope emerged when BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda (BaNgaAfayo), which focuses on the holistic development of rural children, began collaborating with Andtex Training and Care Organisation (TATCO Uganda), which specializes in training and capacity development for early childhood development and primary-school teachers. Both organizations are part of Global Fund for Children’s Partnership to Educate All Kids (PEAK) initiative, which helps children thrive in learning environments that prepare them for future success. With support from GFC, these two organizations embarked on a mission to uplift teachers and enhance the educational experience for children in Kayunga, where BaNgaAfayo works.

Teachers dancing

Exploring innovative ways to integrate fun and interactive learning experiences into their lessons. © BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda

Research revealed pervasive educational issues in Kayunga’s rural communities. Despite efforts to address challenges such as lack of school materials and overcrowded classrooms, students continued to struggle academically. BaNgaAfayo realized that the problem extended beyond physical constraints; it was also about ineffective teaching methodologies. Through discussions with teachers, the organization identified the need for innovative approaches to teaching and learning. It was time to collaborate with TATCO to bring about change.

The resultant two-day training in February 2024, organized by BaNgaAfayo and facilitated by TATCO, empowered educators with effective teaching methodologies, including the incorporation of play-based learning. By equipping teachers with new skills and techniques, BaNgaAfayo and TATCO sought to reignite students’ enthusiasm for education and improve academic performance.

“I used to believe that play was just a break from learning, not an essential part of it. Before the training, I focused solely on traditional teaching methods, unaware of the power of play in engaging students and enhancing their learning experience. My classroom lacked excitement, and I struggled to keep my students engaged.” – Sseremba Jamada, Head Teacher, Nakaziba Taribiyat Quran School.


Teachers brainstorming ways to enhance classroom learning experiences. © BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda

The impact of the training was profound. Teachers enthusiastically embraced new teaching methods, particularly learning through play, and began to implement them in their classrooms. As a result, students’ engagement and enjoyment of learning increased significantly. Positive feedback from both teachers and students underscored the success of the training. Academic performance also showed improvement, demonstrating the effectiveness of this collaborative effort to address educational challenges.

The journey of empowering teachers in rural Kayunga exemplifies the importance of collective action in overcoming educational barriers. By fostering a culture of teamwork and creativity, BaNgaAfayo, TATCO, and GFC put into action the belief that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background.

Teachers actively participating in a group discussion. © BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda

“The training opened my eyes to the transformative power of play-based learning. I discovered that play is not only enjoyable but also an effective tool for learning. I also learned how to integrate play into my lessons, making learning fun and engaging for my students. My classroom will now be alive with laughter and enthusiasm.” – Naturinda Liniaus, Primary 1 Teacher, Mugema Primary School.

Global Fund for Children’s Partnership to Educate All Kids (PEAK) initiative, supported by the LEGO Foundation, connects local organizations around the world that are helping children who have experienced pandemic-related education disruptions access and thrive in learning environments that prepare them for future success.

Header photo: Teachers embrace experiential learning through play, exploring indoor activities to keep their classrooms engaged. © BaNgaAfayo.

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