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By Global Fund for Children | July 30, 2019 | | Education, Freedom from Violence & Exploitation, Gender Equity, Youth Empowerment

This summer, Global Fund for Children hosted a group of smart and energetic interns at its Washington, DC office.

Joining the GFC family to help young people reach their full potential and advance their rights, our interns contributed to programs, communications, finance and accounting, monitoring and evaluation, and more.

We sat down with each of them, asking them why they chose to work at GFC and what most inspires them about the work.

“The fellowship at GFC has been a great experience in understanding what is required to create a monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework from scratch for an organization with many years of practice. It has also provided me with an opportunity to see the multiple theories converted to practice.”

– Akashi Kaul, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Fellow (William Ascher Fellow), PhD candidate in the Education Policy program at George Mason University

“The most inspirational aspect about GFC to me is its model of granting nascent organizations unrestricted funding. It is powerful that GFC puts trust and faith in transformative organizations, lending them the agency to use funds as they see fit to further the lives of children.”

– Caroline Knight, Programs Intern, majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Affairs at the University of New Hampshire

“I chose to intern at Global Fund for Children because I fell in love with their mission. Knowing that I would be a part of something that made a difference felt so fulfilling.”

– Felicea Fontenelle, Accounting and Finance Intern, majoring in Accounting at the University of the Virgin Islands

“GFC inspires me everyday to try and initiate a high level of social change by its dedication and determination to make the world a better place by impacting the lives of children, starting at the communities.” ⁣⁣

– Emily Pavolini, Communications and Marketing Intern, double majoring in Political Science and Spanish at the University of Southern Mississippi

“I wanted to work in a nonprofit that functions on the principle of supporting local voices and community organizations without overshadowing their work, which GFC does through unrestricted funding to grassroots organizations. Additionally, GFC encourages interns to develop our own projects, fostering an environment of professional development driven by what we are really interested in and passionate about.”

– Emily Elmore, Programs Intern, majoring in History and minoring in Health Studies at Bryn Mawr College

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