GFC launches coronavirus Emergency Response Fund

By Global Fund for Children | April 6, 2020 | Africa & The Middle East, Asia, Europe & Eurasia, The Americas |

We’re quickly disbursing grants around the world to keep children and communities safe – and we need your help.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to mount, the needs from around the world are pouring in. Dozens of our community-based partners have had to pivot from providing important daily programming for children and youth, to providing emergency assistance with hygiene, food, clean water, and other critical needs.

In response, we’ve launched an Emergency Response Fund to issue immediate cash grants to provide pandemic relief to our partners serving children affected by this crisis around the world.

Here’s the latest information – check our News page for weekly updates.

Donate to support children affected by the coronavirus.

In Guatemala, team members from GFC partner SPDMJI demonstrate hygiene techniques to young children while teaching them about the coronavirus. © SPDMJI

We know these needs will continue to grow. We sent our first emergency grant to our partner Ashanti Peru to purchase hand sanitizer and soap for 300 families in Lima who only have access to running water a few hours a day. Here are a few more examples of the grassroots responses we’re already supporting:

Our partners are uniquely positioned to help protect children and communities in a crisis – and our global grantmaking mechanism makes it possible for us to quickly distribute coronavirus relief funds to help them. But we need your support to meet rising needs: donate to GFC’s Emergency Response Fund to provide COVID-19 relief to children affected by this crisis worldwide.

We’ll be regularly updating our partners and supporters on GFC’s response to this unprecedented crisis. From everyone on our team, we hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe.




Learn more about how Global Fund for Children is supporting children affected by the coronavirus.

Header photo: In India, trained youth from GFC partner Prayasam are leading awareness campaigns and hand-washing workshops to help keep their communities safe. © Prayasam

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