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August 8, 2017 | Campaigns

Our #EducateEveryChild Campaign is dedicated to ensuring that even the most vulnerable child can get a quality education. With the help of our grassroots partners around the world, The Global Fund for Children actively works to ensure that ALL children have the right to learn.

As kids and college students head back to school this fall, it’s hard to believe that 124 million children worldwide are denied their right to an education. Migrants and refugees, children in conflict areas, children with disabilities, girls, child laborers, and rural children struggle to access quality education and to realize their potential.

These children stand to gain the most from going to school—and yet they are the least likely to get an education.

New! Youth-Led #EducateEveryChild

To amplify the importance of this international issue, we’ve added a customizable youth-led fundraising and advocacy effort to our Educate Every Child Campaign. We’re offering colleges, high schools, and other organizations the opportunity to build the movement with GFC and raise funds for children’s education and other critical programs worldwide. Enlist your school or group a champion for this effort by tagging #EducateEveryChild and The Global Fund for Children (@GFCNews)—share and support the vital cause of education for highly vulnerable children we serve globally.

Here’s How It Works

There are multiple ways to get involved: Download your Take Action Toolkit and select from social media ads, blog and templates, and much more. Use these resources to spread word of the campaign, and talk to friends and family about why this matters to you. Host a fundraiser at your school or organization. Share, like, post, and become a vital part of this growing movement.

Every Dollar Counts

A gift, whatever the amount—$5, $50 or $500—supports the world’s most vulnerable children and youth. Your GFC donation goes to the heart of underserved communities, helping ensure children get what they need to be educated, healthy, and safe.

Thank you for taking action and using your voice, or your group or school’s voice in the fight for equal education for all!

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