Global Fund for Children Hosts Fundraising Event at the Saatchi Gallery

April 17, 2018 | Press Releases

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Global Fund for Children Hosts Fundraising Event at the Saatchi Gallery

LONDON, 17 April 2018 – Global Fund for Children (GFC) UK Trust will host its global game-changer cutting edge arts/culture/charity ‘happening’ event at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, Tuesday, 24 April, 19.30 to 22.30. The event is a pivotal point for the international non-profit, which partners with and supports a worldwide network of over 170 youth organisations. Saatchi celebrates the ‘Voice of Youth’ fundraiser, a year-long campaign to raise £1 million.

In the last 20 years, GFC has transformed over 10 million children’s lives by investing in grassroots organisations that work together with young people to fight poverty and injustice and promote educational and social initiatives for children around the world.

Now, GFC’s Voice of Youth campaign aims to amplify youth voices, highlight challenges that young people face, and affirm their right to influence the programmes and policies that impact their lives. Through initiatives in the UK, US, India, and Hong Kong, the yearlong campaign aims to raise £1 million to assist innovative organisations that work to support young people who lack access to the resources that help them live to their full potential.

“At Global Fund for Children UK Trust, we pride ourselves in being a small, yet highly efficient, and at the same time low-cost organisation that is able to reach from the UK to Europe and beyond. We strive to generate as much income as possible to help more grassroots partners around the world change children’s lives – making the voice of youth stronger, louder, and filled with hope!” said Nicky Wynne, Managing Director of the Global Fund for Children UK Trust.

“We would not have been able to undertake such an ambitious and fantastic project if it was not for the artists, pro-bono supporters, volunteers, and others who are giving their invaluable time for free in support of our work,” Wynne adds.

On the Saatchi night, high level corporate representation, companies, embassy attachés, lords and aristocrats, organisations, schools, families, and individuals are standing up for youth rights by committing to raise as much money as possible by donating on the night and/or pledging to support the charity through employee giving, creative crowdfunding, and other philanthropic activities.

On 24 April, the exclusive celebration will take the guests through a journey of steampunk entertainment, enticing visuals, and conversation. Also, Saatchi award winning artist, Barry Wilson, has donated a painting that will be sold to the highest bidder on that night. The unforgettable evening will see the launch of Global Fund for Children’s new video, highlighting the extraordinary work being conducted on behalf of youth by its courageous partners around the globe. There will be food and drink pop up stalls, visual mapping, musicians and performers to inspire a select audience of influencers to stand up for youth and accelerate Global Fund for Children’s work to advance their rights.

For more information about the campaign and sponsorship opportunities, contact Nicky Wynne at [email protected].

About Global Fund for Children
Global Fund for Children partners to build a world where all children and youth enjoy equal resources and opportunities in society and live free from violence, discrimination, and exploitation. To that end, GFC invests in innovative grassroots organizations, helping them deepen their impact and build their capacity for social change. Together, GFC and its grassroots partners advance the rights of children and youth facing poverty and injustice and equip them with the tools and skills to reach their full potential. Since 1997, Global Fund for Children has invested nearly $40 million in more than 600 grassroots organizations, reaching more than 10 million children and youth worldwide. For more information, visit

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