Global Fund for Children supports a cohort of grassroots organizations in South Asia that are addressing the root causes of the exploitation of children and youth.

This initiative is a partnership with WE Trust and builds on previous initiatives combating child exploitation and hazardous labor in Bangladesh and addressing the exploitation of children in India. It shifts the focus to preventative approaches that go deeper into the root causes of exploitation within local communities throughout India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

South Asia has one of the largest populations of young people in the world and is one of the regions with the highest prevalence of child labor and the highest number of children on the move.

The grassroots organizations in this initiative are tackling complex and multifaceted issues including intergenerational poverty; harmful social and cultural norms; gender inequality; restricted access to education; and a lack of positive employment opportunities. In addition to addressing the root causes of exploitation, they are increasing the capacity of youth and communities to lead local interventions that reduce harm, as well as promoting children’s rights and empowerment.

GFC is providing these partner organizations with long-term flexible funding, alongside a wide range of capacity development services including partnership building and leadership training. Together, we are building a regional network of organizations that are playing an active role both in the reduction of exploitation and the promotion of children’s rights and empowerment. The initiative shifts power to communities by ensuring that the program design, implementation, and learning are participatory, inclusive, context-specific, and owned by youth and community members.

This initiative will begin in Bangladesh and expand to India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in 2024. It is a funder collaborative, and there is room for additional funders to join. For more information, please contact Christine Burkhart.


Project Partners:

Bangladesh | Dhaka

Alokito Shishu is a youth-led organization that fosters the education and skill development of children, youth, and adolescents from marginalized communities. The organization promotes youth volunteerism and has a large network of youth volunteers in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh | Mymensingh

Arshirbad Mohila Unnayan Samity is a women-led organization working for the betterment of women, children, adolescents, and youth in the historically marginalized Dalit communities in the Mymensingh District of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh | Pabna

Bangladesh Rural Economic Development (BRED) aims to improve the socio-economic and livelihood status of underprivileged people facing the impacts of climate change including adolescents, youth, and women by strengthening their capacity, creating scope of employment through income-generating activities, and establishing social rights.

Bangladesh | Jashore

Development of Health and Agriculture Rehabilitation Advancement (DHARA) is a women-led organization working to ensure health, education, and shelter for minority communities with a focus on underprivileged women, children, and youth. DHARA establishes partnerships to create community interventions that are financially, technologically, and environmentally efficient and thus contribute to achieving sustainable poverty reduction.

Bangladesh | Sylhet

Ethnic Community Development Organization (ECDO) is an organization of Indigenous people working for the development of different Indigenous tea garden communities in Sylhet Division in northeastern Bangladesh.

Bangladesh | Dhaka

Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) is a women- and youth-led organization that uses creative learning methodologies to ensure access to quality education for children, adolescents, and youth.


Header photo: Children raising their hands. © APON

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