In the last 20 years, Global Fund for Children has improved millions of children’s lives by supporting meaningful change where it stands to do the most good: in the heart of the community.

To learn more about how we improve young people’s wellbeing through the work of local organizations, see our Theory of Change.

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We are growing a global network of change agents who advocate for children’s rights and ensure that children have what they need to thrive. Since 1997, Global Fund for Children has invested $56 million in more than 1,000 community-based organizations, strengthening thousands of communities and reaching more than 11 million children and youth worldwide.

We invest in early-stage organizations and help them become strong, sustainable engines of social change.

60% First Flexible Funding

Every new idea needs a champion. That’s the role we like to play for our partners, and we trust them to use funds where they are needed most. For 60% of our partners, we are the first funder to offer flexible cash. 

2/3 Nascent Organizations

We primarily invest in organizations during the early stages of their development, when they can most benefit from our support. But we also strategically fund organizations at more advanced stages of growth that contribute invaluable experience and mentorship to our networks. Two-thirds of our local partners have annual budgets under $100,000 when they receive their first GFC grant.

3x Budget Growth

On average, our partners’ budgets triple during their GFC partnership, enabling them to expand and improve their programs for greater impact on children’s lives.

Our partners become national leaders in children’s rights, and influence government policy to defend and protect hundreds of thousands of children worldwide.


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Echoing Green

We place children, youth, and communities at the heart of everything we do, harnessing their power and wisdom to change the world.

But until every child is safe, strong, and valued, our work isn’t done. We need your help. 


“Global Fund for Children has invested in our organization at the programmatic level as well as organizational level allowing us to focus on not just today’s operations but also on sustaining the impact over the years to come. Their investment has enabled us to move a step closer to our mission of raising every boy in India to be gender equitable.”
– Rujuta Teredesai, Co-Founder and Director, Equal Community Foundation India

Global Fund for Children (GFC) UK Trust, created in 2006, is a UK registered charity (UK charity number 1119544). We work to generate vital income, create new fundraising opportunities, and raise awareness of the invaluable work of GFC’s grassroots grantees. Our aim is to extend the reach of GFC in the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

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