In West Bengal, boys raise awareness about how boys and young men can join the fight against gender-based violence in their community and beyond, thanks to GFC grassroots partner Equal Community Foundation.

Right now, the largest youth population in history is coming of age. They’re speaking out about what matters to them most.  We want them to know we’re listening.

Voice of Youth Global Campaign

On March 1st, 2018, Global Fund for Children launched the Voice of Youth Global Campaign, a year-long initiative to lift up the voices of today’s youth and let them know we’re listening, not just to take notice, but to take action.

Throughout the year we will create multi-channel platforms for youth to voice their needs, fears, concerns, dreams, and solutions for change. The campaign will culminate with the establishment of our Youth Leadership Council to inform our work and shape our global strategy.

Our ultimate goal: to be led by the youth we serve, and to provide them with the resources and tools to help them shape their own futures and lead lives of dignity and opportunity.

By listening to the voice of youth and engaging them as leaders and partners, we become advocates and allies for real change.

Take Action today

Here are a few ways you can join us in building a world where all children and youth are safe, strong, and valued:

Support courageous organizations around the world that help children and youth advance their rights and reach their full potential.


Commission a team of youth advisors to articulate and advance the needs of their peers and help shape GFC's global strategy.

Get the latest campaign news, stories of youth leaders from around the world, and more ways to get involved.


Join the Conversation!

Follow, like, and share to advance the #voiceofyouth worldwide:

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