In West Bengal, boys raise awareness about how boys and young men can join the fight against gender-based violence in their community and beyond, thanks to GFC grassroots partner Equal Community Foundation.

Right now, the largest youth population in history is coming of age. They’re speaking out about what matters to them most.  We want them to know we’re listening.

Saatchi Gallery
Exclusive VIP game changer Event

Our Voice of Youth 10,000 campaign is a wake up call to the global community—not only to take notice of our youth, but to take action by supporting them in every way we can to reach their full potential.

On April 24, London’s Saatchi Gallery will transform into a world of wonder that celebrates the voice of youth through dramatic multi-media displays, unique steampunk-themed entertainment, and music from global star DJ Plaid.

Why steampunk? In Victorian London, all eyes were on the rapid developments of science, industry, and technology, evoking wonder and fear. Meanwhile, children were still being forced to labor as chimney sweeps, coal miners, and other menial roles under horrendous working conditions. What has really changed today? As the 21st century advances, people both embrace and are fearful of change. Children and young people are still persecuted. The steampunk theme reflects this reality and reminds us all that it’s time to change the game.

In other words: this is no ordinary party. And there’s nothing ordinary about the work Global Fund for Children does in changing the lives of children and youth every day, by seeking out and supporting innovative grassroots leaders around the world.

On April 24 you, too, will have an opportunity to change the game for youth around the world by giving boldly to strengthen the grassroots leaders who make that change possible. We can make sure they have the resources, tools, and guidance to make a difference in the lives of the kids they serve.

Together, we can make sure young people are heard, loud and clear.

A huge thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible!

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And if you’re not a sponsor, there’s still time to get involved.
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We also want to give our heartfelt thanks to the following companies for their charitable partnerships.

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The event will feature food and drink pop up stalls, visual mapping, musicians, and performers. Thank you to all who are helping to make this a one-of-a-kind event!

Pop Ups:
Special Thanks To:
Plaid (DJ Set)
Deadpan Duke
Alan Ball Photography
Keira McIvar – Event Videography
Barry Wilson – Artist
Emma Green Design – Interior art installation
Sophia Branch – Make-Up Artist
Twice Shy Theatre

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