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By Anna Kessler | July 28, 2022 | Africa & The Middle East, Asia, The Americas | Education

We are excited to welcome 66 partners to our new PEAK initiative. Get to know a few of them here – then scroll down for the full list!

Global Fund for Children supports local organizations in Central and South America, sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia that are helping kids who have experienced pandemic-related education disruptions access and thrive in learning environments that prepare them for future success. The Partnership to Educate All Kids (PEAK) initiative is supported by the LEGO Foundation. It fosters the learning and development of children aged 6 to 12 by enabling local organizations to sustain or expand their work; developing capacity to integrate learning through play; and strengthening networks for advocacy and learning so that community-based organizations can connect, exchange learnings, and share innovations.

A little girl giving an adult a high-five.

A site visit and capacity development training with PEAK partner Fundación Dar Amor in Cali, Colombia. © GFC

The PEAK initiative provides core flexible funding and capacity development support to 66 community-based organizations, listed below, that are reaching 100,000 children around the world who are facing barriers to educational success that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative also provides emergency grants to GFC partners to address unmet community needs that impact educational success. You can find a list of the GFC partners who have received emergency grants through this initiative here.


Ghana | Lashibi

International Child Development Program (ICDP) helps children develop social skills by placing the child at the center of all its interventions. The organization also educates parents, educators, and community members about the benefits of child-centered approaches to a child’s growth and development.

Uganda | Gulu

Applied Sciences and Technology Laboratories exposes students from remote schools to improved and equitable access to high-quality, hands-on STEM education and programming through science clubs.

A young person on a computer in Kenya

A young person using a computer at PEAK partner Oasis Mathare's office in Nairobi, Kenya. © Oasis Mathare

The Americas

Brazil | Manaus

Associação de Assessoria aos Povos da Floresta (AFLORA)/ SECOYA works with the Yanomami Indigenous people to promote differentiated education for Indigenous children and adolescents through the training of Indigenous teachers and educators, as well as health education.

Colombia | Cali

Fundación Haga Que Pase provides complementary educational activities focused on music, the arts, ecology, and nutrition to public school students in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cali, particularly those with large Afro-Colombian and migrant populations.

People standing in a field

A site visit to PEAK partner Fundación Haga Que Pase in Cali, Colombia. © GFC


India | West Bengal

Sabuj Sangha runs a play-based model school and nurtures the idea of joyful learning in an area of India with high levels of human trafficking. The organization’s residential school for rescued child laborers provides age-appropriate education and helps mainstream students into the formal education system.

Nepal | Kapilvastu District and Lumbini Province

Atoot works in Kapilvastu district and Lumbini Province in Nepal to empower girls through sports and education. By using football as a tool for development, and in partnership with schools, Atoot creates opportunities for girls to build their confidence as well as leadership, team work, and social skills while working with families and community members to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education.

Girls playing soccer

Girls playing soccer as part of an Atoot program. © Atoot

The Full List:



International Child Development Program (ICDP)

Mother of All Nations Foundation

Move the World

Starters Technology

Street Children Empowerment Foundation

Young Visionary Leaders Ghana

Youth Advocates Ghana



Haki Centre

Jitegemee Children’s Program

Maji Mazuri

Oasis Mathare



Amuno Rural Hub

The Andtex Training and Care Organization

Applied Sciences and Technology Laboratories

BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda

Centre for Adolescent Reproductive Health Foundation

Community Focus International

Implicit Effect Admonitors Agency

Read to Learn Foundation



Amos Youth Center

Creative Hands

Kitwe Arts Foundation

Na Tubelenge Children’s Library

The Paideia Project


Topping Crue Foundation

Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation




Associação de Assessoria aos Povos da Floresta

Associação Núcleo de Educação Comunitária do Coroadinho Creche e Escola Porta de Papel

Associação Pazear

Biblioteca Comunitaria Moara

Cores do Amanhã

Instituto Mãe Lalu

Projeto Construindo Sonhos



Fundación Dar Amor

Fundación Enséñanos a Creer

Fundación Espíritu Indomable

Fundación Haga Que Pase

Fundación Niñas de Luz


Músicas de la Tierra

Ruleli Corporación Social y Cultural



Asociación AMA

Asociación Dejando Una Sonrisa

Asociación Futuro Vivo



Organización Sololateca por los Derechos de las Mujeres Jóvenes Indígenas




Centre for Development & Peace

Community Management Center


Development for Disadvantaged People

Ekmattra Society

Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha



Gramin Shiksha Kendra

Jubayer Masud Educational & Charitable Trust

Pro Sport Development

Sabuj Sangha

Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society

Towards A Prosperous India Foundation




Bloom Nepal Schools

Changing Stories Nepal

Childreach Nepal

International Child Resource Institute – Nepal

Peace for People


Header image: A site visit to PEAK partner Fundación Niñas de Luz in Colombia. © GFC

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