In September 2018, GFC published its first Global Safeguarding Policy – a crucial step in operationalizing our commitment to children’s safety and protection.  

What is safeguarding and why is it important?

Safeguarding refers to the development of policies and procedures intended to protect the health, wellbeing, and human rights of individuals.  Its purpose is to ensure that people can lead a life free from harm, abuse, and neglect.

Due to a systemic denial of status and power and their reliance on adults, children and youth are placed in particularly vulnerable situations. As a child-centered organization, GFC has a responsibility not only to make sure we have a robust safeguarding culture, but to help facilitate a safeguarding culture in our partner organizations.

Links to learn more about safeguarding

Safeguarding Wikipedia

The difference between safeguarding and child protection

Defining safeguarding video

Child protection training

What should be included in a safeguarding policy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. There are many different ways to begin thinking about safeguarding as an organization, to create a Safeguarding Policy, and to build a safeguarding culture within an organization. It is important to think about the context that your individual organization works in and to research if there are any safeguarding or child protection laws in your region. Here are some helpful links to help you get started:

Guidance for writing a safeguarding policy

Things to remember and practical tips

What a safeguarding policy should include

GFC Safeguarding Information

GFC Safeguarding Policy

GFC Safeguarding Flow Chart

Safeguarding examples from GFC partners

In English:

18twenty8: SafeguardingPolicy (South Africa)
Little Fish: Child Protection Safeguarding Policy (United Kingdom)
Oasis Mathare: Child Youth Protection Policy (Kenya)
Xtreme Youth Projects: Safeguarding Policy (South Africa)
Youth Safety Awareness Initiative: Child Protection Policy (Kenya)

En español:

Artemisa: Política de Salvaguarda hacia la niñez y adolescencia (Honduras)
Coincidir: Política de protección Institucional de los NNA (Guatemala)
Women’s Justice Initiative: Política de Protección Infantil (Guatemala)

Additional safeguarding Examples and templates

Additional Helpful Links

List of Upcoming Safeguarding Webinars

Online Safeguarding Course

Information on Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

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