Above: With her hand-made sign, a young girl served by GFC partner Voces Mesoamericanas declares “We have rights, wherever we are.” Header photo: This image was captured on a visit to our partner Human Rights Center Fray Matías de Córdova in Mexico. 

Last year, in partnership with NoVo Foundation, we established a transnational network of grassroots organizations serving adolescent migrant girls throughout Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States.

Now, they need our support more than ever. Donate today to protect migrant children and youth in crisis.

Global Fund for Children stands in solidarity with millions of individuals and organizations across the United States and the world who are speaking out against family separation at the US / Mexico border and family detention. These practices will lead to years of trauma for these children and youth.

Even though the policy of wide-scale separation has been rescinded, it is just one of numerous other threats to the well-being of migrant children and youth, including systematic denials of asylum seekers at ports of entry, more deaths inside detention facilities, inadequate accommodations for unaccompanied children, and changes to asylum policy that bar domestic violence victims and those fleeing gang violence from securing asylum protections.

Our network—connecting partners located in the US, Mexico, and Guatemala—is courageously addressing these issues through direct services and advocacy. Give today to show your support during this difficult time of crisis.

Along the border and in the US, our partners Tahirih Justice Center and Al Otro Lado are responding to the crisis with legal representation for young mothers and fathers separated from their children and for children separated from their parents. From Tijuana, Al Otro Lado and Espacio Migrante support families and unaccompanied children stranded at border crossings inside Mexico. In Mexico and Guatemala, partners are preparing to help families reunite if parents or children are deported separately back to their countries of origin, while teaching migrant youth and families about their rights and helping them stay safe as they flee violence in their countries of origin.

How your Donations Help

Donations to this campaign will support our network of partners through grants, capacity-building, advocacy, and other services to strengthen and expand their invaluable work. Contributions will support activities like the following:

  • securing bond funds to get parents out of detention so they can be reunited with their children
  • supporting general operations as the organizations respond to an increase in the volume of children in crisis and the demand for their services
  • expanding our partners’ ability to litigate the systematic denials of asylum seekers at ports of entry
  • connecting with community and social services for kids released to LA and Houston (two of the biggest receiving cities for this population) since they will be traumatized from the forced separation
  • elevating the voices of migrant girls and young mothers to push the US government to adopt more just and humane immigration policies
  • responding to the needs of the growing number of families and separated and unaccompanied children stranded on both sides of the border in the midst of changing policies and uncertain futures, with everything from food and shelter to updated information on immigration policies and migrants’ and children’s rights, which can mean the difference between life and death for families and children fleeing violence.
Our Partners

Global Fund for Children is proud to support these local heroes who are doing everything they can to uphold the rights of migrant children and youth. We are dedicated to supporting them through funding, coaching, tools, and resources to help maximize their impact during this crisis and for years to come.

Al Otro Lado / Tijuana, Mexico
Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Matías de Córdova / Tapachula, Mexico
Colectivo Vida Digna / Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Espacio Migrante / Tijuana, Mexico
Homies Unidos / Los Angeles, California
Immigrant Youth Coalition / Los Angeles, California
Jóvenes por el Cambio / San Marcos, Guatemala
LaUnidad11 / Houston, Texas
Sin Fronteras / Mexico City, Mexico
Tahirih Justice Center / Houston, Texas
Voces Mesoamericanas Acción con Pueblos Migrantes A.C. / Chiapas, Mexico

Thank you for listening, supporting, and taking action to keep all youth safe, strong, and valued.

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