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Viva a Vida
Brazil | Camaçari, Bahia

Viva a Vida uses arts education (such as theater, poetry, graffiti, and photography) to empower at-risk adolescents and youth to make healthy choices and develop self-esteem, autonomy, and control over their lives. Its work focuses on the prevention of drug abuse, combating violence, and guaranteeing human and socio-environmental rights.

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Asociación AMA
Guatemala | Poptún, Petén

Asociación AMA is dedicated to promoting leadership, democratic participation, sustainable economic development, and access to comprehensive education on sexuality and sexual and reproductive rights for women and youth in Peten.

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Asociación Generando
Guatemala | Chimaltengango

Using a feminist, youth-centered, and culturally appropriate approach, Asociación Generando (ASOGEN) advances human rights and provides integrated support services to survivors of gender-based and sexual violence.

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Asociación SERniña
Guatemala | Sacatepéquez

Asociación SERniña is a youth-led organization that fosters gender equality and empowers children and youth to reach their full potential. In partnership with local schools and community groups in Chimaltenango and Sacatepéquez, SERniña facilitates workshops on gender equality, leadership skills, and healthy masculinities, including a comprehensive program for boys and young men known as SerNiño.

Guatemala | Guatemala City

Coincidir defends the rights of children and youth in Guatemala through a grassroots movement that connects girls in rural communities and small urban centers affected by social violence with youth-led advocacy for policy and social change.

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Colectivo Vida Digna
Guatemala | Quetzaltenango

Vida Digna is a Mayan organization in the western highlands of Guatemala dedicated to affirming indigenous migrant identities. Vida Digna supports young people, women, and families from the countryside to fulfill their potential and to support the growth of their communities.

Jóvenes por el Cambio
Guatemala | San Marcos

Formed by young people from the department of San Marcos, Jóvenes por el Cambio develops the social and educational capacity of children and young migrants from the region. In addition to providing direct assistance and facilitating workshops and trainings aimed at migrant children and youth, the organization is part of numerous advocacy networks at the transnational and local levels.

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Organización Sololateca por los Derechos de las Mujeres Jóvenes Indígenas
Guatemala | Nahuala

Organización Sololateca por los Derechos de las Mujeres Jóvenes Indígenas (SPDMJI) designs and facilitates workshops with girls, adolescents, and women on issues of self-esteem, gender-equity, indigenous women’s rights, and preventing early and forced marriage and violence against women.

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Red de Jóvenes Artistas por la Justicia Social
Guatemala | Quetzaltenango

Red de Jóvenes Artistas por la Justicia Social is a network of young people from different departments in Guatemala who use art as a tool for advocacy and empowerment. Its members have organized workshops, festivals, murals, trainings, debates, and exhibitions to raise awareness about issues that impact youth, to influence public policy, and to spark dialogue.

Tan Ux’il
Guatemala | Petén

Founded by youth in Petén, Tan Ux’il (We Are Growing) promotes rights-based sexual and reproductive health education as an essential strategy to combat STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual violence among adolescents and youth. Its trained youth promotors – who come from some of the most marginalized communities in Petén – use a peer education model to provide counseling, help young people reflect on power relations and other behaviors, and promote youth’s access to contraceptives.

Women’s Justice Initiative
Guatemala | Patzún

Working closely with rural communities, Women’s Justice Initiative improves the lives of Guatemalan indigenous women and girls through education, access to legal services, and gender-based violence prevention. Its adolescent girls program works to prevent early and forced marriage through improving girls’ knowledge of their rights; transforming local norms that condone child marriage; creating safe spaces for girls; and ensuring that parents and community leaders take action to delay early marriage.

Association Zanmi Timoun
Haiti | Port-au-Prince

Association Zanmi Timoun contributes to Haiti’s economic and social change by improving the living conditions of destitute children and youth throughout the country, particularly those who have fallen victim to exploitation, abuse, neglect, trafficking, or violence.

Haiti | Petit-Goâve

Located in Petit-Goâve’s Delattre community, Organisation Haitienne pour le Developpement Durable (OHDD) promotes sustainable development through education, culture, civic engagement, and environmental protection.

Academia de Liderazgo Social
Honduras | Tegucigalpa

Academia de Liderazgo Social is a youth-led organization that empowers children and young people to take on leadership roles and get involved in political and social issues. It was founded by university students and provides youth with leadership development programs and training in community organizing.

Honduras | Tegucigalpa

Artemisa promotes the empowerment of girls, youth, and adolescents of all genders through a feminist and sexual diversity lens using art, theater, and dynamic discussions around social inclusion, sexual and reproductive health and rights, access to justice, and human rights.

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Gojoven Honduras
Honduras | Tegucigalpa

A youth-led and youth-serving organization, GOJoven Honduras promotes comprehensive development to improve the quality of life of adolescents and youth through capacity-building, collective advocacy, and a focus on guaranteeing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all youth in Honduras.

Redes Juveniles de la MANORCHO
Honduras | Choluteca

Redes Juveniles de la MANORCHO are a consortium of four municipal youth networks that promote leadership trainings for young people in rural villages and advocate with their respective municipal governments for appropriate investment of public funds designated for youth programs.

Un Mundo
Honduras | La Ceiba

Un Mundo is a community development organization that promotes dignity, community, and self-sufficiency of people living in the protected watershed of the Cangrejal river through access to sustainable education, health, and livelihoods services.

Unidad de Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer y la Familia
Honduras | La Ceiba

Unidad de Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer y la Familia (UDIMUF) works to build a more peaceful, equitable, and just society that transforms inequitable gender relationships and contributes to decreasing violence against women. Its programming includes working with middle and high school girls to build their leadership, knowledge in civic participation, sexual health and rights, and skills to protect themselves against sexual abuse and violence.

Warriors Zulu Nation Honduras
Honduras | San Pedro Sula

Founded by two brothers who discovered breakdancing as an alternative to gangs when they were teenagers, Warriors Zulu Nation Honduras is a youth-led organization that uses urban arts to engage young people. It empowers youth in neighborhoods with a significant gang presence to practice different art forms while exploring social issues that impact their communities.

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Al Otro Lado
Mexico | Tijuana

Al Otro Lado is a bi-national, direct legal services organization serving indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Alianza por la Integración Comunitaría Utopía A.C.
Mexico | Mexico City

Alianza por la Integración Comunitaría Utopía A.C. (APIC Utopía) promotes a healthy childhood for children and youth in and around Mexico City through academic and extracurricular activities that improve participants’ educational attainment, well-being, and chances for success.

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Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Matías de Córdova
Mexico | Tapachula

The Human Rights Center Fray Matías de Córdova specializes in the defense and promotion of the human rights of refugees, asylum seekers, international migrant population and their families.

Colectivo Seres
Mexico | Guanajuato

Colectivo Seres supports children and youth at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS, offering prevention education and HIV testing for at-risk populations and providing direct services to HIV-positive children and youth to improve their quality of life, help them avoid stigmatization, and ensure that they receive proper care from local and public entities.

Espacio Migrante
Mexico | Tijuana

A bi-national organization that works in San Diego and Tijuana, Espacio Migrante works to protect the human rights of migrants and refugees, empower migrant communities, improve their quality of life, research the phenomenon of migration, and raise awareness of the issue.

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Otros Dreams en Acción
Mexico | Mexico City

ODA works to build a transnational community for reintegration support and advocacy for the rights of returned and deported migrants in Mexico. ODA and its bicultural community space Poch@ House empower young migrants with direct services, educational activities, and cultural advocacy to help them achieve their dreams.

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Sin fronteras
Mexico | Mexico City

Sin Fronteras promotes and defends the human rights of migrants, refugees, and their families through social work services; legal representation and psychosocial assistance; education and outreach; national, regional, and international networking; and advocacy for improved migration legislation, policies, and programs (including alternatives to the detention of migrant children).

Voces Mesoamericanas Acción con Pueblos Migrantes A.C
Mexico | San Cristóbal de las Casas

Voces promotes the organization and voices of indigenous migrants (especially children, women, and youth) for the defense and exercise of their rights and to help them build “Lekil Kuxlejal” (good living) in the migrant and transnational communities of Mesoamerica and North America.

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Fundación para el Desarrollo Comunitario
Nicaragua | Managua

Fundación para el Desarrollo Comunitario (FUNDECOM) protects and promotes the human rights of the most economically and socially vulnerable adolescent girls and mothers through strengthening of individual emotional awareness and self-worth, the construction of protection mechanisms, community organizing, and communications for social good.

Red de Masculinidad por la Igualdad de Género
Nicaragua | Managua

Red de Masculinidad por la Igualdad de Género (REDMAS) is a network of organizations working with boys and men to transform social norms and public policies that oppress women and girls. REDMAS organizes activities to defend rights and raise awareness, develops advocacy and educational materials, and works to strengthen the capacities of its member organizations.

Ashanti Perú – Red Peruana de Jovenes Afrodescendientes
Peru | Lima

Ashanti Perú – Red Peruana de Jovenes Afrodescendientes is a youth-led network that works with and on behalf of Afro-descendent children and youth to combat racism, discrimination, and poverty through active and effective participation in public spaces.

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united States
Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop
United States | Washington, DC

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop uses books and creative writing to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth and adults achieve their career and life goals and become community change-makers. The organization also provides workforce development, peer support, trauma healing, and violence prevention programs.

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Homies Unidos
United States | Los Angeles

Homies Unidos works to end violence and promote peace through gang prevention, promotion of human rights in immigrant communities, and youth empowerment.

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Immigrant Youth Coalition
United States | Los Angeles

The Immigrant Youth Coalition is an undocumented and queer/trans youth-led organization based in California.

United States | Houston

LaUnidad11, named for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, is a protection network based upon a model of mutual aid, a solidarity organizing model where families and communities are individually and collectively prepared in the event of an arrest, detention, or deportation.

Tahirih Justice Center
United States | Houston

Tahirih Justice Center is the only national, multi-city organization providing a broad range of direct legal services, policy advocacy, and training and education to protect immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence.


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