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Alor Pothe Nobojatray Foundation
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Alor Pothe Nobojatray Foundation (APON) works with children, their families, and their communities to promote basic rights such as education, health, and hygiene for working children.

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local education and economic development organization
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Local Education and Economic Development Organization (LEEDO) eliminates barriers to success for street children in Dhaka by creating access to education, housing, and economic livelihood opportunities.

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Shusamaj Foundation
Bangladesh | Jessore

Based on Bangladesh’s western border with India, Shusamaj Foundation works to prevent cross-border trafficking by engaging youth groups in peer-to-peer education on reproductive health, personal safety, and reporting trafficking incidents. The organization also runs a microcredit program that helps families establish healthy and sustainable livelihoods.

Taranga Mohila Kalyan Shangstha
Bangladesh | Jamalpur

Taranga Mohila Kalyan Shangstha (TMKS) works to prevent trafficking through a youth-led program that uses peer-to-peer education to encourage young people to stay in school and connects their parents to healthy and sustainable livelihood opportunities. TMKS also provides services for survivors of trafficking through a legal aid program and referrals to safe spaces and shelters.

Utsho Bangladesh
Bangladesh | Gazipur

Founded by a former garment factory worker, Utsho Bangladesh provides free, quality education and residential care to children whose parents are in exploitative situations, in conflict with the law, or have left the children with relatives to find work abroad. The organization also provides safe jobs for the community by operating a café run by survivors of trafficking and a grocery store that gets its supplies from a youth-led agriculture club.

India | Mumbai

Led by a former child laborer, Avani offers a range of programs and services to support children and youth who are at risk of being trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation. Its programs include a home for rescued child laborers, orphans, and other children in Kolhapur; and gender equity training for boys.

Faith Foundation
India | Shillong

Working in and around the city of Shillong, Faith Foundation focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse; rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of trafficked women and girls; prevention of domestic violence; prevention of early marriage; and care and support for abandoned women.

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Her Choices Trust
India | Hyderabad

Her Choices Trust is dedicated to ending violence, abuse, and exploitation of women and children in India by addressing two of the most prevalent and difficult forms of abuse – domestic violence and trafficking of young girls for sexual exploitation. It works to eliminate sex trafficking by making legal assistance available and accessible to people through a national helpline, and by raising awareness about trafficking in villages where vulnerability factors are particularly high.

India | Mumbai

Purnata rescues, rehabilitates, and reintegrates survivors of human trafficking in Mumbai and West Bengal, with a focus on prevention at source, transit, and destination points. Its primary mission is to protect women and children from trafficking and restore survivors to a life of dignity, purpose, and economic independence.

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Rural Aid
India | Hamiltonganj

Rural Aid empowers people employed by the tea industry in West Bengal to advocate for their rights, while also providing their children with critical support to prevent child exploitation, trafficking, and sexual abuse. It offers child safety education in low-income schools; collaborates with local government and protection agencies to track and rescue missing children; and helps mobilize vulnerable workers in the tea industry to demand fair wages, access to healthcare, and education.

Sama Foundation
India | Bangalore

Sama Foundation provides a range of programs and services to meet the educational, medical, and emotional needs of children with disabilities. To promote inclusive and accessible learning, the organization currently runs five bridge centers in government schools, where children with severe disabilities and sensory impairment receive extra care and attention.

Suprava Panchashila Mahila Uddyog Samity
India | Berhampore

Working with women and children in West Bengal, which has the highest rates of trafficking and child marriage in India, SPMUS offers a range of programs that focus on rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of trafficked women and girls; prevention of domestic violence; prevention of early marriage; and care and support for deserted women.

The YP Foundation
India | New Delhi

The YP Foundation (TYPF) is a youth-led organization that works to instill a sense of commitment, responsibility, and connection between young people, their environment, and society.

Chanan Development Association
Pakistan | Lahore

Chanan Development Association (CDA) strives to improve the status of youth, especially girls, by promoting equal and active participation in decision making, policy making, planning, and management.

Sanjog Pakistan
Pakistan | Lahore

Sanjog Pakistan offers access to legal and psychosocial support for children in conflict with the law and trains law enforcement personnel, judiciary members, and probation officers in the safe and appropriate care of the children in their custody.


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