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Alor Pothe Nobojatray Foundation
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Alor Pothe Nobojatray Foundation (APON) works with children, their families, and their communities to promote basic rights such as education, health, and hygiene for working children.

local education and economic development organization
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Local Education and Economic Development Organization (LEEDO) eliminates barriers to success for street children in Dhaka by creating access to education, housing, and economic livelihood opportunities.

Sanjog Bangladesh
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Sanjog Bangladesh works to create a society with equal distribution of power and universal access to services by protecting and empowering street and slum-dwelling children who are often orphaned or involved in labor.

Shobujer Ovijan Foundation
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF) promotes the rights and well-being of women working in garment factories and of their children through specialized crèches, healthcare, livelihood skills training, and community development services.

Bangladesh | Dhaka

SOHAY works with poor, disadvantaged, and impoverished communities in six urban slums in Dhaka to provide education, vocational and skills training, and health programs to enhance the capacity of the community and to help eradicate poverty.

Voluntary Association for Family Welfare and Social Development
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Voluntary Association for Family Welfare and Social Development (VAFWSD) enhances public capacity on human rights, governance, education, and poverty alleviation by providing need-based support and technical assistance.

India | New Delhi

Aarohan generates opportunities for growth and development while providing holistic support and nonformal education to children who have either dropped out of school or never been to school in the slums surrounding the Malviya Nagar area in New Delhi.

India | Mumbai

Arpan works to empower individuals, families, and communities with abuse prevention and intervention skills to reduce child sexual abuse; holds preventive personal-safety education workshops in schools, shelter homes, and orphanages; and provides psychotherapeutic interventions that address the psychosocial, sexual, and physical consequences faced by survivors of sexual abuse.

Chehak Trust
India | Mumbai

Chehak Trust runs educational and life skills programs for Dalit girls and young women aged 2 to 24 in the slums of Mumbai.

Divya Down’s Development Trust
India | Bangalore

Divya Down’s Development Trust (DDDT) provides holistic support to individuals with Down syndrome through special education, therapy, and essential skills development, with the ultimate goal of preparing children to enroll in formal school or enter the workforce in order to lead a life of dignity and respect.

Equal Community Foundation
India | Pune

Equal Community Foundation (ECF), one of the few organizations that actively engage boys and men to address the issue of gender-based violence, works with boys aged 14 to 17 from low-income families to confront the gender-based violence they see in their daily lives.

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All
India | Pune

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) addresses the underlying financial and nonfinancial factors that cause children to drop out of school through its community-appropriate educational, vocational, and scholarship program.

India | Mumbai

LeapForWord (LFW) provides rural children in the state of Maharastra with access to quality English education by designing and delivering an English curriculum that does not require a certified English teacher, while providing job opportunities to local youth who are trained by LFW as English language instructors.

India | Mumbai

Masoom ensures quality education for underprivileged students in night schools by strengthening the schools’ methodologies and curriculum and by customizing the schools’ operation to the needs of the students.

Sahyog Care for You
India | New Delhi

Sahyog Care for You works to eliminate socioeconomic inequality through education and health initiatives in the slum communities of Delhi.

Social and Development Research and Action Group
India | Noida

Social and Development Research and Action Group (SADRAG) focuses on building the capacity of children and women through education, health services, and skill development, while involving stakeholders such as local school systems, local government, civil society organizations, and community members to facilitate awareness of the right to education and to sensitize the community on children’s and women’s rights.

Society for Participatory Integrated Development
India | New Delhi

Society for Participatory Integrated Development (SPID) facilitates sustainable development by empowering vulnerable communities, especially sex workers, through a rights-based approach that focuses on developing gender equality and promoting children’s rights while addressing basic needs in the areas of health, education, water, and sanitation.

South Kolkata Hamari Muskan
India | Kolkata

South Kolkata Hamari Muskan strives to reduce the incidence of human trafficking, especially for women and children in the red-light district of Kolkata, by empowering them to realize their rights to survival, development, and protection from exploitation and abuse.

Asha Nepal
Nepal | Kathmandu

Asha Nepal runs a transitional home for children and youth who have been trafficked, and provides them with educational scholarships, reintegration workshops, employment support, and foster care placement.

Center for Awareness Promotion
Nepal | Kathmandu

The Center for Awareness Promotion (CAP) rescues and rehabilitates girls and young women in the adult entertainment industry in Kathmandu using mobile counseling, a shelter, and reintegration through education and training.

Gentle Heart Foundation
Nepal | Kathmandu

Gentle Heart Foundation (GHF) provides educational and psychosocial support to girls aged 2 to 17 from minority communities in Kathmandu.

International Child Resource Institute – Nepal
Nepal | Kathmandu

International Child Resource Institute (ICRI) works with Kathmandu’s school system to create child-friendly learning environments and strong education programs, and partners with school leaders, teachers, parents, and the government to ensure buy-in and sustainability.

Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal
Nepal | Kathmandu

Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal (PSD) offers sustainable, community-based programs in education, youth development, health and sanitation, and the environment, including an after-school program held in orphanages.

Roshni Research and Development Welfare Organization
Pakistan | Karachi

Roshni Research and Development Welfare Organization, a one-of-a-kind initiative in Pakistan, focuses on recovering missing children in the first 48 hours after their disappearance, facilitates the children’s rehabilitation, builds the capacity of communities to protect children and more quickly recover missing children, and advocates for better laws and policies to address this neglected but critical issue.

Sanjog Pakistan
Pakistan | Lahore

Sanjog Pakistan offers access to legal and psychosocial support for children in conflict with the law and trains law enforcement personnel, judiciary members, and probation officers in the safe and appropriate care of the children in their custody.

Grace Association
Pakistan | Islamabad

GRACE Association promotes quality early childhood, primary, and secondary education and works to ensure an accessible, safe, and inclusive educational environment for all children, especially girls and children with disabilities.

Educate, Advocate, Support, Empower Foundation
Sri Lanka | Battaramulla

Educate, Advocate, Support, Empower Foundation (EASE) educates and empowers disabled children, the majority of whom have had little or no access to education, by helping them to develop the skills to be full members of their families and communities.

Rural Economic and Community Development Organization
Sri Lanka | Kantale

Rural Economic and Community Development Organization (RECDO) works with socioeconomically marginalized communities to address a variety of community needs, including education, food security, healthcare, and microfinancing.

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