GFC is actively responding to youth needs at the border. Families need us. Yes, I want to help!
Kyrgyzstan | Bokonbaevo

Beypil assists disabled children and youth through home visits, consultations, regular classes at its rehabilitation center, and income-generating activities, and works with local schools to educate non-disabled children about disabilities.

Bishkek Feminist Initiatives
Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek

Bishkek Feminist Initiatives (BFI) serves LGBT youth suffering from persecution and violence through a short-term shelter, peer counseling, and public outreach and information campaigns, and hosts the Girl Activists, a girls’ club that documents and tells the stories of girls through video, comics, and blogs.

Center of Economical Education
Kyrgyzstan | Karakol

The Center of Economical Education (CEE) conducts education and entrepreneurship workshops for older children and runs early childhood education programs for younger children, particularly those from migrant families.

Hand in Hand
Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek

Hand in Hand provides treatment, therapy, and educational lessons for children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our Voice
Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek

Our Voice focuses on providing all necessary support to enable orphans and other graduates of state-run institutions in Kyrgyzstan to successfully transition to independent living.

Kyrgyzstan | Karakol

Ravenstvo provides educational and physical rehabilitation, home visits, consultations, income-generating activities, and access to employment for children and youth with disabilities.

Youth Media Center
Moldova | Chisinau

The Youth Media Center (YMC) holds media training workshops in journalism, video production, blogging, and radio for vulnerable children and youth, including children and youth with disabilities and children from Roma and other marginalized communities.

Asociatia pentru Libertatea si Egalitatea de Gen
Romania | Sibiu

Asociatia pentru Libertatea si Egalitatea de Gen (ALEG) promotes gender equality and fights gender-based violence and discrimination in Romania.

Asylum Protection Center
Serbia | Belgrade

Asylum Protection Center (APC) provides legal, psychological, and other assistance to asylum seekers in Serbia, serving children aged 0 to 24 through consultations with lawyers, social workers, and psychologists.

Serbia | Jabuka

Danica provides psychosocial support, conducts outreach on social and legal rights, and holds workshops on domestic violence, reproductive and sexual health, and the importance of education for Roma children and youth.

Serbia | Subotica

Exspecto runs an anti-drug and alcohol abuse program that uses an interactive exhibition and follow-up group workshops for schoolchildren to reduce harmful behavior.

Know How Center
Serbia | Novi Sad

The Know How Center (KHC) supports Roma and other vulnerable children and youth by holding workshops that encourage parents to send their children to preschool, engaging in outreach to help families access social services, providing education support, and running a youth program focused on improving the psychosocial health of teenagers.

Stav +
Serbia | Subotica

Stav + works to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and to reduce stigmatization of and discrimination against people living with HIV through advocacy and education.

Tajikistan | Dushanbe

Iroda provides access to quality services appropriate for the unique needs of children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), trains professionals and parents on working with children with ASD, facilitates a parent support group, and helps children with ASD become enrolled in formal school.

Young Generation of Tajikistan
Tajikistan | Dushanbe

Young Generation of Tajikistan (YGT) bridges the gap between Tajikistan’s vulnerable youth and available social services and information, focusing particularly on informing youth about available youth-friendly health centers that provide medical services and information on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Aile Danismanlari Dernegi
Turkey | Antalya

Aile Danismanlari Dernegi provides individual and family counseling for vulnerable children and youth, runs a shelter for trafficked girls, conducts workshops for youth on human rights, and trains law enforcement personnel, government officials, healthcare providers, and educators on caring for and identifying trafficking victims and other vulnerable children and youth.

Mavi Kalem Social Assistance and Charity Association
Turkey | Istanbul

Mavi Kalem Social Assistance and Charity Association provides training about volunteerism for low-income children and women, assists the volunteers with forming their own projects, and runs an education program, a summer art club, movie nights, and a story-reading club for children.

Young Disabled Sports Club
Turkey | Adana

Young Disabled Sports Club (YDSC) integrates children who have disabilities with children who do not have disabilities through public inclusion and awareness events and through sports and educational activities, with an emphasis on coaching and participation.

NGO Parity
Ukraine | Zhytomyr

Youth NGO of the Zhytomyr Oblast “Parity” (NGO “Parity”) works to empower women in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine to achieve equality and seeks to involve authorities, the media and public figures to help it combat inequality.

Orphan’s Future
Ukraine | Ternopil

Founded by orphanage graduates, Orphan’s Future runs an information center and conducts life skills trainings and summer camps for orphans and orphanage graduates.

Pravo Vibora
Ukraine | Kharkiv

Pravo Vibora provides physical rehabilitation for children with disabilities, offers educational and employment support for youth, and conducts outreach to overcome negative stereotypes about people with disabilities.

Asphaleia Action
United Kingdom | Worthing

Asphaleia Action provides services to UK asylum seekers, young people with learning difficulties and disabilities, teenage parents, young people living in poverty, and young offenders, with a focus on learning, health and well-being, and life skills development.

Leaders in Community
United Kingdom | London

Leaders in Community (LiC) engages vulnerable children and youth in Tower Hamlets through an employment program, an enterprise program that supports start-ups, music lessons, sports, a community garden, volunteer opportunities, and a leadership and governance program.

Mosaic Youth
United Kingdom | London

Mosaic Youth helps schools incorporate LGBT inclusion lessons into their curriculum and provides LGBT youth with workshops, mentoring, counseling, and a summer retreat that focus on sexual and reproductive health, building self-confidence, and overcoming stigmatization and discrimination.


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