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Bangladesh | Dhaka

Alokito Shishu is a youth-led organization that fosters the education and skill development of children, youth, and adolescents from marginalized communities. The organization promotes youth volunteerism and has a large network of youth volunteers in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh | Mymensingh

Arshirbad Mohila Unnayan Samity is a women-led organization working for the betterment of women, children, adolescents, and youth in the historically marginalized Dalit communities in the Mymensingh District of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh | Pabna

Bangladesh Rural Economic Development (BRED) aims to improve the socio-economic and livelihood status of underprivileged people facing the impacts of climate change including adolescents, youth, and women by strengthening their capacity, creating scope of employment through income-generating activities, and establishing social rights.

Centre for Development & Peace
Bangladesh | Meherpur

Centre for Development & Peace operates a preschool and offers after-school activities to educate children through play-based learning.

Community Management Center
Bangladesh | Gaibandha

Community Management Center runs a preschool and a nonformal school for children from Indigenous communities to ensure equal access to education.

Bangladesh | Mymensingh

DESH works to ensure education for disadvantaged children by using joyful learning methods to promote equal education rights in society.

Development for Disadvantaged People
Bangladesh | Sirajganj

Development for Disadvantaged People provides after-school programming for children, engaging youth volunteers from the community in games and crafts.

Bangladesh | Jashore

Development of Health and Agriculture Rehabilitation Advancement (DHARA) is a women-led organization working to ensure health, education, and shelter for minority communities with a focus on underprivileged women, children, and youth. DHARA establishes partnerships to create community interventions that are financially, technologically, and environmentally efficient and thus contribute to achieving sustainable poverty reduction.

Ekmattra Society
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Ekmattra Society provides education to underprivileged children and youth so that they can actively participate in social development.

Bangladesh | Sylhet

Ethnic Community Development Organization (ECDO) is an organization of Indigenous people working for the development of different Indigenous tea garden communities in Sylhet Division in northeastern Bangladesh.

Feminist Group Bangladesh
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Feminist Group Bangladesh is a platform of diverse community women who are committed to ensuring gender equity and promoting feminism.

Bangladesh | Dhaka

Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) is a women- and youth-led organization that uses creative learning methodologies to ensure access to quality education for children, adolescents, and youth.

Identity Inclusion
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Identity Inclusion works to counter mental health stigmas, foster inclusion, and promote community-based services for people with psychosocial disabilities. Identity Inclusion envisions an inclusive society that realizes the full potential of excluded individuals through the transformation of social and public institutions and by providing psychosocial mental health support.

Mind Menders
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Mind Menders works to create a vast youth-led professional community that aims to eradicate mental health taboos and create a better Bangladesh. The organization spreads mental health awareness throughout the country and ensures access to mental health services.

Ongona Feminist Group
Bangladesh | Chilahati

Ongona Feminist Group is a grassroots youth-led organization that is working to protect the rights of women, especially in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha
Bangladesh | Chuadanga

Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha (PSUS) promotes inclusive education by ensuring access to education for children with disabilities.

India | Mumbai

Led by a former child laborer, Avani offers a range of programs and services to support children and youth who are at risk of being trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation. Its programs include a home for rescued child laborers, orphans, and other children in Kolhapur; and gender equity training for boys.

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Enfold Proactive Health Trust
India | Bengaluru

Enfold Proactive Health Trust works to address child sexual abuse through education, training, research, advocacy, and programs for children and youth, including rehabilitative and restorative programs for children with intellectual and sensory disabilities. Children living with disabilities are at high risk for sexual abuse, which is why Enfold has created specialized programs and their own innovative take-home kit, called The Suvidha Kit.

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Faith Foundation
India | Shillong

Working in and around the city of Shillong, Faith Foundation focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse; rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of trafficked women and girls; prevention of domestic violence; prevention of early marriage; and care and support for abandoned women.

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Gramin Shiksha Kendra
India | Sawai Madhopur

Gramin Shiksha Kendra (GSK) works to enhance access to quality education in villages across rural Ranthambore for children from nomadic Indigenous and forest-dwelling communities through child-centered, participatory, and play-based methods.

Her Choices Trust
India | Hyderabad

Her Choices Trust is dedicated to ending violence, abuse, and exploitation of women and children in India by addressing two of the most prevalent and difficult forms of abuse – domestic violence and trafficking of young girls for sexual exploitation. It works to eliminate sex trafficking by making legal assistance available and accessible to people through a national helpline, and by raising awareness about trafficking in villages where vulnerability factors are particularly high.

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Jubayer Masud Educational & Charitable Trust
India | Bongaigaon

Jubayer Masud Educational & Charitable Trust (JMECT) provides early childhood education in government schools for underprivileged children and livelihood support to their parents.

Pro Sport Development
India | Odisha

Pro Sport Development (PSD) uses sports as a powerful tool for the holistic development of children and youth, including Indigenous children in Odisha. PSD aims to promote a sporting culture among youth, especially young people from marginalized communities, that is inclusive, sustainable, and engaging.

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India | Mumbai

Purnata rescues, rehabilitates, and reintegrates survivors of human trafficking in Mumbai and West Bengal, with a focus on prevention at source, transit, and destination points. Its primary mission is to protect women and children from trafficking and restore survivors to a life of dignity, purpose, and economic independence.

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Rural Aid
India | Hamiltonganj

Rural Aid empowers people employed by the tea industry in West Bengal to advocate for their rights, while also providing their children with critical support to prevent child exploitation, trafficking, and sexual abuse. It offers child safety education in low-income schools; collaborates with local government and protection agencies to track and rescue missing children; and helps mobilize vulnerable workers in the tea industry to demand fair wages, access to healthcare, and education.

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Sama Foundation
India | Bangalore

Sama Foundation provides a range of programs and services to meet the educational, medical, and emotional needs of children with disabilities. To promote inclusive and accessible learning, the organization currently runs five bridge centers in government schools, where children with severe disabilities and sensory impairment receive extra care and attention.

Sabuj Sangha
India | West Bengal

Sabuj Sangha runs a play-based model school and nurtures the idea of joyful learning in an area of India with high levels of human trafficking. The organization’s residential school for rescued child laborers provides age-appropriate education and helps mainstream students into the formal education system.

Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society
India | Birbhum

Through multilingual early learning, Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society supports basic literacy and numeracy for children from the Santal and Kora tribes through locally relevant arts, crafts, music, dance, story writing, and other skills.

Suprava Panchashila Mahila Uddyog Samity
India | Berhampore

Working with women and children in West Bengal, which has the highest rates of trafficking and child marriage in India, SPMUS offers a range of programs that focus on rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of trafficked women and girls; prevention of domestic violence; prevention of early marriage; and care and support for deserted women.

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Towards A Prosperous India Foundation
India | Haryana

Towards A Prosperous India Foundation uses play-based learning practices to work with out-of-school children from marginalized backgrounds in Haryana, India. The organization uses tools such as gyaan ka pitara (Hindi for “treasure chest of knowledge”) to re-enroll children in school and help them stay in school.

Nepal | Kapilvastu District and Lumbini Province

Atoot works in Kapilvastu district and Lumbini Province in Nepal to empower girls through sports and education. By using football as a tool for development, and in partnership with schools, Atoot creates opportunities for girls to build their confidence as well as leadership, team work, and social skills while working with families and community members to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education.

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Bloom Nepal Schools
Nepal | Itahari

Based in the far eastern district of Sunsari, Bloom Nepal integrates “passion-based learning” into government schools and into its own schools, creating a link between music, theater, sports, and education to make learning more enjoyable. Bloom Nepal is a youth-led organization that supports and trains local youth as teachers and staff members, and it has created a system through which students can actively participate in designing the organization’s curriculum and programs.

Changing Stories Nepal
Nepal | Dang

Changing Stories Nepal is based in the far western district of Dang where it works through government schools to run play-based and experiential education programs in coordination with local youth leaders, who receive training and a stipend to work with children and government school teachers as a way to build talent and local employment along with quality education.

Childreach Nepal
Nepal | Lalitpur and Kathmandu

Childreach Nepal works with rural communities in Kathmandu and Lalitpur to incorporate sports and play into children’s development through school. Childreach has a strong focus on child protection and gender equity through its My Voice program, through which it raises awareness of social issues among parents and community members.

International Child Resource Institute – Nepal
Nepal | Kathmandu

International Child Resource Institute – Nepal (ICRI) works with Kathmandu’s school system to create child-friendly learning environments, within classrooms and outdoors, and strong education programs. The organization also partners with school leaders, teachers, parents, and the government to ensure buy-in and sustainability.

Peace for People
Nepal | Dhading District

Peace for People provides free quality education for children in the western district of Dhading in Nepal. With the motto “play, learn, and grow together,” the organization uses unique approaches such as a “global classroom” to connect students in different countries and it offers empowerment programs for girls.

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Pakistan | Sindh Province

Baithak is a youth- and women-led organization that empowers girls and women in rural Pakistan through education on reproductive health and rights while also building their capacity to advocate for family planning, sexual and reproductive health, and climate and gender justice.

Chanan Development Association
Pakistan | Lahore

Chanan Development Association (CDA) strives to improve the status of youth, especially girls, by promoting equal and active participation in decision-making, policy-making, planning, and management.

The Citizens Foundation
Pakistan | Karachi

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) provides education for underprivileged children in Pakistan. The organization embed its purpose-built schools in urban slums and rural communities to increase access to quality education.

Pakistan | Islamabad

GRACE Association promotes quality early childhood, primary, and secondary education and works to ensure an accessible, safe, and inclusive educational environment for all children, especially girls and children with disabilities.

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Karakorum Integrated Rural Development Organization
Pakistan | Gilgit

Karakorum Integrated Rural Development Organization (KIRDO) is a youth-led organization working in remote areas of Pakistan. KIRDO provides basic health facilities to rural communities, improves the quality of education in remote villages, and empowers youth through various initiatives.

Rural Development Foundation
Pakistan | Jamshoro

Rural Development Foundation (RDF) is a youth-led and women-led grassroots organization located in the Jamshoro district of Sindh province in Pakistan. RDF works to establish a sustainable, people-centered approach to improve the quality of life of women, children, and transgender people and to respond to the immediate needs of marginalized individuals.

Sindh Green Foundation
Pakistan | Shahdadpur

Sindh Green Foundation (SGF) is a community-based, participatory, and youth-focused organization. Since 2010, SGF has operated in Sindh province in Pakistan providing youth and local Indigenous communities with education opportunities, capacity development, and basic health care, as well as promoting environmental conservation.

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VISION Pakistan
Pakistan | Islamabad

VISION Pakistan uses theater and art to engage children and young people and to raise awareness about personal safety, hygiene, and nutrition while creating opportunities for non-formal and formal education for children.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka | Kantale

Rural Economic and Community Development Organization (RECDO) works with socioeconomically marginalized communities to address a variety of community needs including education, food security, healthcare, and microfinancing.

Sri Lanka | Colombo

The Sunshine Charity was founded in the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami to take care of children affected by the devastation in the Trincomalee district. Its holistic childcare center provides education, nutritious meals, and creative and interactive workshops for children aged 2 to 8.

Thailand | Bangkok

Creative Life Foundation prevents exploitation and trafficking in hill-tribe and migrant communities, as well as among those most at risk of exploitation in rural and urban Thailand. The organization increases access to education for children with a focus on girls; helps families obtain citizenship, which enables them to access medical care and safe livelihood opportunities; facilitates adult literacy classes for women; and mentors youth to help them launch new businesses.

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Ethnic People Development Foundation
Thailand | Fang

Ethnic People Development Foundation (EPDF) works with undocumented and stateless ethnic communities, children, and youth to ensure their rights and to ensure that they have legal status. The organization improves the quality of life of children and youth and protects their rights by helping them get access to education, healthcare, and protection services.

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The Freedom Story
Thailand | Chiang Rai and Nan

The Freedom Story prevents child trafficking and exploitation through culturally relevant programs for children in vulnerable circumstances. The organization promotes ethical storytelling and provides quality education and scholarships to children as well as vocational skills training to help families start small businesses in their community.

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GabFai Community Theatre
Thailand | Chiang Mai

GabFai Community Theatre uses play and art to empower communities and children, as well as to raise awareness about and advocate for policy changes on social issues such as human trafficking, positive discipline, and bullying. The organization puts on plays about social issues in local communities.

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Khiang Rim Khong
Thailand | Chiang Rai

In a country with one of the highest incidences of unplanned teenage pregnancy in the region, Khiang Rim Khong empowers teenagers with sexual and reproductive health knowledge and developmentally appropriate information to ensure they lead safe and healthy lives. The organization engages youth as peer educators who lead group discussions in schools and community centers to break the stigma around sex education.

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Klong Toey Dee Jung Program
Thailand | Bangkok

Using music, Klong Toey Dee Jung Program empowers children and youth in Khlong Toei, a large, low-income neighborhood in Bangkok. The organization also teaches relevant life and vocational skills that youth can use to provide income for themselves and their families as well as to continue their education.

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Kon Wai Sai
Thailand | Chiang Mai

Kon Wai Sai provides sexual and reproductive health information to preteens and teenagers and empowers student leaders in schools to break the stigma around sex education. The organization also supports teenage parents by providing vocational skills and nutrition workshops so they are able to take care of their children.

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Thailand | Mae Sot

PlayOnside works along the Thailand-Myanmar border with migrant, stateless, and refugee children who are displaced from Myanmar. The organization uses sports to promote social inclusion and gender equality, and it also works with nonformal schools in Mae Sot to improve the emotional resilience of children and to create a safe and friendly environment for them.

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Thai Child Development Foundation
Thailand | Chumphon Province

Thai Child Development Foundation provides quality education to children with disabilities at its own education center, while also working with local schools, parents, and village leaders in Thailand’s Chumphon Province to ensure that children with disabilities have access to education, life skills trainings, and healthcare.

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Thailand | Chiang Mai

Urban Light Foundation is the only organization in Thailand preventing the trafficking and exploitation of boys, which it accomplishes by working through massage parlors and bars to engage boys and provide them with training, education, workshops, and other services. The organization also works to shift gender norms for gender equity and runs an initiative that encourages boys and men to play a role in preventing violence against girls and women.

Zy Movement Foundation
Thailand | Bangkok

Zy Movement Foundation works with schools, universities, hospitals, parents and government stakeholders to ensure that children with disabilities have access to inclusive education, to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to children with physical disabilities, and to change the social mindset about the abilities of their children.

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