[NEW VIDEO] Introducing Global Fund for Children’s Five-Year Vision

March 1, 2023 | GFC & Partner Updates

Global Fund for Children has just released our new vision for 2022 through 2026, outlining a bold path forward that centers children, youth, and their communities as drivers of systemic change. 


In 2021, GFC embarked on a journey to articulate a new vision to guide our future work. We reflected on our 25-year history, which includes a global network of nearly 1,000 community-based organizations working toward transformational change with and for young people. We listened to the ideas of those who are closest to our work, from our global team members to youth and community leaders across the world, using surveys, small group conversations, and interviews to capture their thoughts. We also scanned the broader field for insights and trends. 

The resulting vision unites us around the same principles that have inspired our work from the start including trusting grassroots leadership and transforming power in funding relationships while also pushing GFC to emerge as a vibrant, global hub with children, youth, and communities leading change.   

Our five-year vision incorporates three core principles of shifting power, wellbeing, and interconnection, which will underpin all that we do. Our two guiding stars of community-driven systems change and children and youth as leaders and changemakers will keep us focused and give our work clear direction. And our five strategic priorities of connect, influence, learn, nurture, and sustain will further shape our objectives as we chart a course through growth. 

You can read more about our principles, strategic priorities, and future plans in our just released five-year vision, Children, Youth, and Communities Leading Change



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