At GFC, we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of young people, and to acting as a role model for child- and youth-serving organizations.

We recognize that although children and youth may be extremely resourceful and resilient, they are also particularly vulnerable to abuse due to their lack of status and power, their stage of development, and their reliance on adults.

Our Global Safeguarding Policy, launched in 2018 and revised annually, reflects this commitment and empowers everyone at GFC to uphold and protect children’s rights. It provides guidelines to ensure that we and our local partners do not inflict intentional or unintentional harm on the children and youth we serve, and offers a clear pathway for responding to and reporting any incidents of concern.

GFC requires that its local partners agree to develop a safeguarding policy, rooted in their own contexts, as a contingency for receiving funding. Then, we make sure these grassroots organizations have the guidance, resources, and support they need to do so, developing their capacity to place children’s safety and wellbeing as a top priority.

In collaboration with peer grantmakers Comic Relief, The National Lottery Community Fund, Oak Foundation, and Porticus, GFC launched Funder Safeguarding Collaborative in 2021. This partnership promotes collaboration, listening, and learning among funders and implementing organizations in order to strengthen organizational cultures and practices that keep people safe. The collaborative carries out this mission through information sharing and networking, alignment and harmonization among funders and grantees, and pooling funds to support locally led initiatives to advance safeguarding.

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March 15, 2021
Five grantmaking institutions have joined forces to create the Funder Safeguarding Collaborative, which supports global efforts to prevent abuse and exploitation.

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