Global Fund for Children supports local organizations in Central and South America, sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia that are helping kids who have experienced pandemic-related education disruptions access and thrive in learning environments that prepare them for future success.

The Partnership to Educate All Kids (PEAK) initiative is supported by the LEGO Foundation. Use the menus below to learn more about our PEAK partners by region and by country.

The Americas


Ghana | Kenya | Uganda | Zambia

International Child Development Program
Ghana | Lashibi

International Child Development Program (ICDP) helps children develop social skills by placing the child at the center of all its interventions. The organization also educates parents, educators, and community members about the benefits of child-centered approaches to a child’s growth and development.

Mother of All Nations Foundation
Ghana | Adenta

Mother of All Nations Foundation promotes reading and literacy through reading camps for children living in slum communities, making the experience fun, engaging, and interactive.

Move the World
Ghana | Medie

Move the World utilizes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a tool to promote a love of learning within schools.

Starters Technology
Ghana | Teshie-Nungua

Starters Technology leverages technology to help children explore their potential in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through storybooks, bootcamps, and school or home mentoring sessions.

Street Children Empowerment Foundation
Ghana | Jamestown

Street Children Empowerment Foundation rescues and rehabilitates children living on the streets and reintegrates them into mainstream schools through engagement in its Learning Hub.

Young Visionary Leaders Ghana
Ghana | Amasaman

Through school club activities and public speaking debate competitions, the Young Visionary Leaders Ghana coaches, mentors, motivates, and inspires children to become productive, prolific, and visionary future leaders.

Youth Advocates Ghana
Ghana | Nsawam

Youth Advocates Ghana is a youth-led organization that leverages advocacy to empower school children to know their rights and influence policies that affect them.

Haki Centre
Kenya | Mombasa

Haki Centre promotes social justice by enhancing community participation in sustainable development processes.

Jitegemee Children’s Program
Kenya | Machakos

Jitegemee Children’s Program holistically empowers children to grow and live sustainable lives by providing nutritional requirements, psychosocial support, health care, and a clear pathway to appropriate schooling or training.

Maji Mazuri
Kenya | Nairobi

Maji Mazuri helps children, youth, and families escape poverty and thrive by providing the foundation through education and other types of support.

Oasis Mathare
Kenya | Nairobi

Through its youth center, located in Nairobi’s Mathare slums, Oasis Mathare provides a safe, social, and educational space for children of all ages to play, work on their homework, and access computers and the internet, while also offering an economic empowerment program for older youth, particularly young mothers.

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Amuno Rural Hub
Uganda | Bukedea

Amuno Rural Hub offers library services, supplementary reading, and games to students in rural Uganda.

The Andtex Training and Care Organization
Uganda | Mukono

The Andtex Training and Care Organization (TATCO) adopts community schools and creates a conducive learning environment for children by providing them with human and interactive educational resources.

Applied Sciences and Technology Laboratories
Uganda | Gulu

Applied Sciences and Technology Laboratories exposes students from remote schools to improved and equitable access to high-quality, hands-on STEM education and programming through science clubs.

BaNgaAfayo Initiative Uganda
Uganda | Kayunga

BaNgaAfayo offers remedial after-school programs to help students catch up in math and literacy using interactive play-based methodologies to improve attendance, retention, and outcomes.

Centre for Adolescent Reproductive Health Foundation
Uganda | Lira

Centre for Adolescent Reproductive Health Foundation increases access to inclusive primary education, as well as its quality and sustainability, through traditional dances.

Community Focus International
Uganda | Lira

Community Focus International empowers communities in vulnerable circumstances and people with disabilities and their caretakers through assistive mobility devices and alternative basic education.

Implicit Effect Admonitors Agency
Uganda | Kampala

Implicit Effect Admonitors Agency (IEAA) promotes comprehensive, positive social development through education and auxiliary services.

Read to Learn Foundation
Uganda | Kampala

Read to Learn Foundation establishes playful community libraries to encourage a love of reading and uses locally sourced materials to make toys.

Amos Youth Center
Zambia | Kafue

Amos Youth Center empowers youth in peri-urban communities through education and leadership development to break the cycle of poverty in their communities.

Creative Hands
Zambia | Kitwe

Creative Hands nurtures children’s creativity by establishing origami clubs and agri-science in schools to improve school retention.

Kitwe Arts Foundation
Zambia | Kitwe

Kitwe Arts Foundation uses native games, sports, and art to prevent children from joining gangs, help them get off the streets and into schools, and improve school retention.

Na Tubelenge Children’s Library
Zambia | Lusaka

Na Tubelenge Children’s Library offers mobile library services, supplementary reading, and games to students from high-density but poorly resourced schools.

The Paideia Project
Zambia | Lusaka

The Paideia Project introduces interactive learning kits to rural schools in Zambia to aid the learning and understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in schools.

Zambia | Livingstone

ReachAll establishes literacy clubs in schools using reading mentors to engage young learners.

Topping Crue Foundation
Zambia | Livingstone

Topping Crue Foundation provides access to education for children from one of the poorest communities in Livingstone, Zambia, using engaging play-based interventions to encourage attendance and improve outcomes.

Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation
Zambia | Isoka

Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation offers access to education for children in one of the most remote areas of Zambia and uses play to motivate children to attend school.


The Americas

Brazil | Colombia |  Guatemala

Associação de Assessoria aos Povos da Floresta
Brazil | Manaus

Associação de Assessoria aos Povos da Floresta (AFLORA)/ SECOYA works with the Yanomami Indigenous people to promote differentiated education for Indigenous children and adolescents through the training of Indigenous teachers and educators, as well as health education.

Associação Núcleo de Educação Comunitária do Coroadinho Creche e Escola Porta de Papel
Brazil | São Luís

Associação Núcleo de Educação Comunitária do Coroadinho Creche e Escola Porta de Papel provides tutoring after-school programs focused on games and arts.

Associação Pazear
Brazil | Olinda

Associação Pazear provides daily soccer lessons for children and adolescents while helping them to strengthen their critical thinking skills and fostering girl’s empowerment.

Biblioteca Comunitaria Moara
Brazil | Ananindeua

Biblioteca Comunitaria Moara is a community library focused on children’s education that aims to encourage reading while celebrating popular culture and Amazonian culture.

Cores do Amanhã
Brazil | Recife

Cores do Amanhã provides after-school and weekend activities for children focused on sports, arts, dance, crafts, and other topics.

Instituto Mãe Lalu
Brazil | Cachoeira

Instituto Mãe Lalu offers weekend activities for children that incorporate a learning methodology based on “cirandas,” a dance performed in groups and in a circle that is part of Brazilian popular culture, and “cantigas de roda,” popular folkloric tunes that are usually for children.

Projeto Construindo Sonhos
Brazil | Camaçari

Projeto Construindo Sonhos provides after-school and weekend activities for children focused on sports, arts, dance, story reading, and other topics.

Fundación Dar Amor
Colombia | Cali

Fundación Dar Amor provides preschool and after-school programs for supplemental learning, violence prevention, and self-care, focusing on supporting children living with HIV and on diverse prevention programs for adolescents.

Fundación Enséñanos a Creer
Colombia | Cartagena de Indias

Fundación Enséñanos a Creer provides after-school and weekend programs for children focused on stories, games, music, dance, arts and crafts, and other topics.

Fundación Espíritu Indomable
Colombia | Quibdó

Fundación Espíritu Indomable defends the rights of and empowers Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal, and Palenquero communities in Colombia, strengthening their ethnic identity through a methodology that combines combat sports with life skills, education, health, food security, and entrepreneurship for development and peace building.

Fundación Haga Que Pase
Colombia | Cali

Fundación Haga Que Pase provides complementary educational activities focused on music, the arts, ecology, and nutrition to public school students in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cali, particularly those with large Afro-Colombian and migrant populations.

Fundación Niñas de Luz
Colombia | Bogotá

Fundación Niñas de Luz creates opportunities for girls in Bogotá’s Ciudad Bolívar neighborhood and empowers them through mentorship to become leaders in their own lives by helping them develop their talents, critical thinking skills, and personal social projects.

Colombia | Valledupar

MARE provides science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education experiences to children in public spaces, schools, and local “labs”.

Músicas de la Tierra
Colombia | Popayán

Músicas de la Tierra offers itinerant music school that teaches traditional instruments and styles in rural and Indigenous communities. The organization inspires young people through playful music education that broadens their horizons and empowers them to face life’s challenges with creativity and strong cultural roots.

Ruleli Corporación Social y Cultural
Colombia | Cartagena de Indias

Ruleli Corporación Social y Cultural offers theater, dance, and creative arts programs as well as homework help and skills-building to children of all abilities.

Asociación AMA
Guatemala | Poptún, Petén

Asociación AMA is dedicated to promoting leadership, democratic participation, sustainable economic development, and access to comprehensive education on sexuality and sexual and reproductive rights for women and youth in Peten.

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Asociación Dejando Una Sonrisa
Guatemala | Jocotenango

Asociación Dejando Una Sonrisa is a youth-led nonprofit that provides educational, psychosocial, and nutritional services to children and youth living in impoverished sectors to improve their quality of life, as well as that of their families and communities.

Asociación Futuro Vivo
Guatemala | Guatemala City

Asociación Futuro Vivo is an educational program that supports community development and rehabilitation, offering academic education, nutrition, adult literacy, comprehensive family support, and medical attention to socially, economically, ethnically, and culturally vulnerable populations.

Guatemala | Guatemala City

Coincidir defends the rights of children and youth in Guatemala through a grassroots movement that connects girls in rural communities and small urban centers affected by social violence with youth-led advocacy for policy and social change.

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Guatemala | Antigua

ConnectED provides local leaders in education with the skills, training, and resources they need to improve educational outcomes in their communities.

Organización Sololateca por los Derechos de las Mujeres Jóvenes Indígenas
Guatemala | Nahuala

Organización Sololateca por los Derechos de las Mujeres Jóvenes Indígenas (SPDMJI) designs and facilitates workshops with girls, adolescents, and women on issues of self-esteem, gender-equity, indigenous women’s rights, and preventing early and forced marriage and violence against women.

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Bangladesh | India | Nepal

Centre for Development & Peace
Bangladesh | Meherpur

Centre for Development & Peace operates a preschool and offers after-school activities to educate children through play-based learning.

Community Management Center
Bangladesh | Gaibandha

Community Management Center runs a preschool and a nonformal school for children from Indigenous communities to ensure equal access to education.

Bangladesh | Mymensingh

DESH works to ensure education for disadvantaged children by using joyful learning methods to promote equal education rights in society.

Development for Disadvantaged People
Bangladesh | Sirajganj

Development for Disadvantaged People provides after-school programming for children, engaging youth volunteers from the community in games and crafts.

Ekmattra Society
Bangladesh | Dhaka

Ekmattra Society provides education to underprivileged children and youth so that they can actively participate in social development.

Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha
Bangladesh | Chuadanga

Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha (PSUS) promotes inclusive education by ensuring access to education for children with disabilities.

Gramin Shiksha Kendra
India | Sawai Madhopur

Gramin Shiksha Kendra (GSK) works to enhance access to quality education in villages across rural Ranthambore for children from nomadic Indigenous and forest-dwelling communities through child-centered, participatory, and play-based methods.

Jubayer Masud Educational & Charitable Trust
India | Bongaigaon

Jubayer Masud Educational & Charitable Trust (JMECT) provides early childhood education in government schools for underprivileged children and livelihood support to their parents.

Pro Sport Development
India | Odisha

Pro Sport Development (PSD) uses sports as a powerful tool for the holistic development of children and youth, including Indigenous children in Odisha. PSD aims to promote a sporting culture among youth, especially young people from marginalized communities, that is inclusive, sustainable, and engaging.

Sabuj Sangha
India | West Bengal

Sabuj Sangha runs a play-based model school and nurtures the idea of joyful learning in an area of India with high levels of human trafficking. The organization’s residential school for rescued child laborers provides age-appropriate education and helps mainstream students into the formal education system.

Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society
India | Birbhum

Through multilingual early learning, Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society supports basic literacy and numeracy for children from the Santal and Kora tribes through locally relevant arts, crafts, music, dance, story writing, and other skills.

Towards A Prosperous India Foundation
India | Haryana

Towards A Prosperous India Foundation uses play-based learning practices to work with out-of-school children from marginalized backgrounds in Haryana, India. The organization uses tools such as gyaan ka pitara (Hindi for “treasure chest of knowledge”) to re-enroll children in school and help them stay in school.

Nepal | Kapilvastu District and Lumbini Province

Atoot works in Kapilvastu district and Lumbini Province in Nepal to empower girls through sports and education. By using football as a tool for development, and in partnership with schools, Atoot creates opportunities for girls to build their confidence as well as leadership, team work, and social skills while working with families and community members to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education.

Bloom Nepal Schools
Nepal | Itahari

Based in the far eastern district of Sunsari, Bloom Nepal integrates “passion-based learning” into government schools and into its own schools, creating a link between music, theater, sports, and education to make learning more enjoyable. Bloom Nepal is a youth-led organization that supports and trains local youth as teachers and staff members, and it has created a system through which students can actively participate in designing the organization’s curriculum and programs.

Changing Stories Nepal
Nepal | Dang

Changing Stories Nepal is based in the far western district of Dang where it works through government schools to run play-based and experiential education programs in coordination with local youth leaders, who receive training and a stipend to work with children and government school teachers as a way to build talent and local employment along with quality education.

Childreach Nepal
Nepal | Lalitpur and Kathmandu

Childreach Nepal works with rural communities in Kathmandu and Lalitpur to incorporate sports and play into children’s development through school. Childreach has a strong focus on child protection and gender equity through its My Voice program, through which it raises awareness of social issues among parents and community members.

International Child Resource Institute – Nepal
Nepal | Kathmandu

International Child Resource Institute – Nepal (ICRI) works with Kathmandu’s school system to create child-friendly learning environments, within classrooms and outdoors, and strong education programs. The organization also partners with school leaders, teachers, parents, and the government to ensure buy-in and sustainability.

Peace for People
Nepal | Dhading District

Peace for People provides free quality education for children in the western district of Dhading in Nepal. With the motto “play, learn, and grow together,” the organization uses unique approaches such as a “global classroom” to connect students in different countries and it offers empowerment programs for girls.


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