Congratulations on your invitation to submit an Initial Primary Grant Application for Global Fund for Children’s (GFC) upcoming grant cycle! To apply for a grant, please read through the following information about the application process.

Application Process

All applications must include the following items:

Online Application Form

During completion of the Online Application Form, you will be asked to provide general information about your organization, describe your programs and population served, provide financial information, and explain your grant request to Global Fund for Children.

We use information about your organization to comply with US laws and regulations, so please double-check all your answers for accuracy and completeness. If you have questions about this form, please contact your program officer.

When completing your Online Application Form, you will automatically be logged out of the system after 2 hours without saving. To prevent data loss, we suggest that you save frequently. If you would like to compose your answers before filling out the Online Application Form, you may download a PDF version of the form: Primary Grant – New Proposal – EnglishPlease note that this PDF document is for drafting purposes only and your proposal can only be completed by using the Online Application Form.

Program Outcome


In the Programs section of the Online Application Form, you will be asked to determine a Program Outcome that your organization will report to GFC.

Program Outcomes are one way for an organization to monitor and evaluate the impact of its work. GFC is most interested in short term outcomes that answer the question “What happened as a result of the program?”; this can be changes in attitudes, behaviors, awareness, knowledge, skills, motivation or other indicators of success or well-being in the children/youth the organization serves.

Because outcome data is most useful if collected and analyzed over time, GFC requests that you report on the same Program Outcome each year throughout the funding relationship.

Therefore, you should consider your choice of Program Outcome carefully. For help understanding GFC’s monitoring and evaluation system and selecting your Program Outcome, we suggest that you review the following PowerPoint presentation: GFC M&E 101 Tutorial

Online Application Attachments

You will also be asked to upload and submit several documents as attachments, which are described below:

Proposal Budget
This is a detailed financial description of the project you would like to conduct with GFC funds and should correspond to the activities in the Grant Request section of the Online Application Form. To prepare your proposal budget, please download and complete the GFC Budget Template_

Organizational Income and Expenditures
Please provide your entire organization’s actual income and expenditures for your most recently completed fiscal year. This can be uploaded to our online system in any format.

NGO Registration Documents
Please provide a copy of the NGO registration/certification from the government of your country:

Organizational Legal Articles
Please provide a copy of the legal articles under which the organization was established (for example: articles of association, articles of incorporation, constitution, statutes, or another similar document).

Director and Founder Biographies
Please provide a biography of the organization’s director and/or founder (if they are not the same person).

Optional Attachment: Annual Report
When completing your Online Application Form, you may also choose to submit your organization’s most recent annual report. This attachment is optional and is not required.

Optional Attachment: Annual Financial Statements
When completing your Online Application Form, you may also choose to submit your organization’s most recent annual financial statements and/or audited financial reports. This attachment is optional and is not required.

How to Apply

  • Read the instructions and prepare all of the items included above in Application Process.
  • Click the button below to create a new Initial Primary Grant Application:

Create New Grant Application

  • To access your saved Initial Primary Grant Application, click the button below:

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Need Help?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the online application system, please refer to the following link:

Online Application System Troubleshooting Guide

If you need further assistance, or if you have any questions about the application process, please contact your program officer.

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