Our community of supporters is united in the belief that all children and youth deserve a childhood of hope and opportunity. Together, we support homegrown solutions that help children to be safe, strong, and valued.

Individual Donors

Anonymous (9)
Joachim Ackermann
Maya Ajmera & David H. Hollander Jr.
Jennifer & Peter Altabef
Karen Ansara
Esther & Michel Antakly
Barbara & William Ascher
Leila & Luca Bassi
Lucy & Henry Billingsley
Flora Birdzell
Bernadette Black & Thomas Barnes
Elizabeth & Alex Boyle
Susan & Ron Briggs
Paul G. Broder
Joshua Brown
James “Jamie” M. Cain, Esq.
Anne M. Cavaliere
Jennifer & Kevin Cavanaugh
Katherine A. Chang & Thomas Einstein
Julie Covino & Sulman Ahmed
Katelena Hernandez Cowles & James Cowles
Blake & Michael Daffey
Marianne & Alessandro d’Ansembourg
Stephanie & Antoine de Guillenchmidt
Barbara & Thomas Donnelley
Nikki & Rob Drake-Brockman
Peggy Dulany & Friends at Synergos

Jennifer & James Esposito
Omar P. Evans
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Priscilla & Ty Fujimura
Eleanor H. Gimon
Gail Ewing Hall
Susan Carter Harrington & Thomas Harrington
Karla Harwich
Fred Hecklinger
Jane & John Hepburn
Hollee & Zac S. Hirzel
Laurie & David Hodgson
Shirley T. Hollander
Gunjan & Anurag Jain
Nicole A. Kamaleson
Zsuzsanna Karasz & John P. Lipsky
Dena & Josh Kimball
Karen & Gregory King
Stephanie & Charles Knowles
Katherine Lorenz
Teresa Luchsinger
Daniel Marolda
Elizabeth G. Martin
Shweta Siraj Mehta & Amish Mehta
Kay Mirza
Lara & Edward E. Nusbaum

Kelli O’Brien & Michael Kolotylo
Sarah & Ross Perot Jr.
Adele Richardson Ray
Claire Reade & Earl Steinberg
Katherine & Eric Reeves
Madeleine & Lyndon Rive
Derek Robinson
Mary & Timothy Rooney
Jesse & Keith Sanford
Chantal & James Sheridan
Melanie & Michael Sherwood
Annette & Vagn Soerensen
Anne & Robert Spar
Margaret & Robert Stillman
Lauren Stone
Natasha & Neh Thaker
Jenny & Trevor Tomkins
Anna & Eric Vishria
Barbara & Steven T. Watson
Sasha & Howard Weinstein
Cristy West
Chris Wheeler
Dr. Mary E. Wilson & Dr. Harvey V. Fineberg
Peter Wunsch
Charlotte Zanders & Alan Waxman
Jenny Zhen

Our work would not be possible with our donor’s loyal support. We are immensely grateful for all contributions both large and small. This listing includes donors at the $1,000 level and above from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

We’re determined to fight for the rights and wellbeing of all children.

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“We have been donors to Global Fund for Children for many years. Knowing that your money is getting to the most vulnerable people on this planet – children – and allowing them and future generations to have a better life is very important.”
Adam Silver, GFC donor

Global Fund for Children (GFC) UK Trust, created in 2006, is a UK registered charity (UK charity number 1119544). We work to generate vital income, create new fundraising opportunities, and raise awareness of the invaluable work of GFC’s grassroots grantees. Our aim is to extend the reach of GFC in the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

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